The BAUMs of Kurima

There are two parts to this website - the main section and a password-protected section.  The password-protected section has a proper (incomplete!) family tree, with protection because it will have information on living people.  If you are a family member,  contact me and I will give you a password. 

For those of you puzzled by the title, Kurima is where Abraham and Eszter Baum were born (1825 and 1842), before they went to Vidrany, where their children were born.  Kurima is a bit west of Stropkov, in northeastern Slovakia.  Vidrany is east of Stropkov and is in fact no longer an independent entity, but rather part of the border city of Medzilaborce.  Stropkov is of significance, both because it is a decent sized city and because there were Baums there who very likely connect to our branch.

Check back often.  I am trying to add information as fast as you can provide it.  (Latest update is in bold.)