Kurima Tombstones
A gen researcher I have been in contact with commissions a local photographer
to record cemeteries in the area around Hungary.  She has a CD which has
about eighty-five tombstones in the Kurima cemetery, Kurima being where
the Baums lived before Vidrany.  She charges $50 for the CD, which she
says she plows back into more photographs.  I have no experience with her,
but others I know say she's on the level.  If someone wants this project,
let me know.  You never know whom we might find there!  Update - we acquired
the CD.  Very few have surnames and nothing seems to be relevant to the Kurima Baums
we saw in the records.

Census of 1869 outside Vidrany
As for Vidrany, some of the 1869 Hungarian census is available online.  I
had a look to see if I could find any of the Kurima Baum families there
and I think that I have five relevant records.  The problem is that the
online data is only a summary.  I inquired about getting a look at the
actual records.  (We have the microfilm numbers.)  There are two
possibilities, one which requires work but little money and one which
requires money but little work.

The Regional Archives in Satoraljaujhely (commonly known as Ouehl) will do
the search for a fee.  I'm told it's about $200, which seems steep to me.

The other is to go to the neighborhood Mormon Family History Center, order
the microfilm from Salt Lake City, then search the films.  This requires
work and I cannot do it from here, because the Mormons have no public
presence in Israel.

Between Galicia and Hungary: The Jews of Stropkov
by Melody Amsel
This book about Stropkov was written by a friend of mine, who has Stropkov
Baums in her family.  I expect that eventually we will find a connection
with our own family.  (I haven't read the book yet.)

Pages of Testimony
Yad Vashem, Israel's official Holocaust memorial and research center has a
program whereby people submit Pages of Testimony for relatives or people they
knew who were killed in the Holocaust.  This database can be searched online.
Please make sure those killed in your family are among those listed.  They tell
you how and give you a form to download. (I had a look when I was there recently
and there are no Pages for our Baums.)