I have redesigned the aliases in my DNA project within GEDmatch, in order to make it easier to find and identify matches.

1. All of my kits begin with *0 so they will sort together at the beginning of a name sort.

2. There are three basic groups:

*0Pikholz - SkN - descendants of Nachman Pikholz of Skalat
*0Pikholz - SkP - descendants of Peretz Pikholz of Skalat
*0Pikholz - SkX - descendants of unidentified Pikholz families from Skalat

Descendants of my g-g-gm Rivka Feige are divided into five groups:

Descendants of Rivka Feige's brothers and of Mordecai and Taube Pikholz: *0Pikholz - XX - descendants of other Pikholz families who may be from Skalat or Rozdol

*0Pikholz -Y111 -  a "not-yet"-Pikholz with a perfect Y-67 match with me

*0Pikholz - Kw - descendants of the brothers of my g-gm Jutte Leah Kwoczka