Ancestors of Moritz Rosenzweig
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Simon (Shimshon) b. Rajec ~1787 d. 1860
Isaak b. Kotesso
Sali b. ~1876, d. Kotesso 1841
Yitzhak Yehudah / Isaak Leib / Ignacz 
b. Pucho ~1821, d. Vag Besztercze ~1917
Mari / Mali/ Miriam Zelinka b. Kotesso ~1824, d. Vag Besztercze 1905
Moshe/Moritz Rosenzweig b. Rajec 1858, d. Pittsburgh 1928

Kotesso is also known as Koteshova or Nemes Kotesso.  It is located in Trencin County in western Slovakia.
Puch, Domanis and Rajec are in this same county.

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