General Overview of the Skalat Pikholz Families
(including conjecture)

Last update 13 Nisan 5763, 15 April 2003
Inspired by a hand-drawn chart by Jacob Laor

Names and connections marked in green are conjecture.
Names, dates and connections marked in red are unconfirmed but with evidence
Non-Pikholz spouses are in Italics
Hyperlinks to "Families" are underlined
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Summary and

The Rozdol Families

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Riwe (1773-1843) and Getzel
Leib (1780-1844) and Beila (1781-1841)


Sara and Nachman

(Itzig) Josef and Rojse 
Another possible child of this couple is Ryfka of the RISS family.
That would clinch the idea that Riwke Feige (below) is a dughter of Motie, not Josef.
Motie and Taube 
Possibility that Motie is a son of (Itzig) Josef, rather than a brother. 
In that case, there is a good possibility that Riwke-Feige and Selig (at least) are his children.


















Ciril & Arie Leib & Syme Friedman
Moses Hersch
Bassie & Wolf Perlmutter
Alte & Marcus Pohorille
Getzel & Bassie
Itzig 1833-41
Pessil 1837-41
Ciril 1839-40
ArieLeib & SaraKreisel
RiwkeFeige & EisigFischel
Selig & Chane Kaczka
Enie & Chaim Degen ChajeChane & Eliezer 
ChaimYaakov & Gittel































































Getzel & Beile Berlin

& Lane Feldmann & Sure Elke Pikholz
Sara & Alstadter ~1847-1889 Ester Feige & Samson Segall Moses Hersz & Frymcie Gruberg
Sure Elke (who married Getzel's brother Josef after his first wife died), Nachman who went to NY and Rosa. Children Nachman and Rosa who had families, Wolf and Sara who died in childhood - and Moses whom we are still looking for. Children Avraham Luser, Herz Getzel, Meszulem, Chaim, Markus and Zirla whom we are looking for.  Also one who died at birth. Not at all clear that this woman belongs here.  Her parents are listed as Mojzesz Leib and Cirl. Children Natan, Israel, Salomon, Josef, Cirl & Moses. Joseph and Leon who lived to adulthood, Chana Jente and Taube who did not.

Nachman Dawid
This son was born in 1891, which seems very very late for Arie Leib to have a child.  But his address is the same as Josef & Sure Elke, so that fits.

Berl 1837-1918 & Bluma Bernstein Perl
Went to Phila. with children Olga, Hersch, Annie, Fannie. (It's more complicated than that, but that will do for now.) We don't have the record itself, so we have no evidence other than the father's name for this attribution.

Aron 1858-59 Jychel 1861- Dwora 1860- Nachman Szulim 1866- Dawid Ber 1868- Leisor 1874- Ester Riwke 1878-
We don't know if these six grew to adulthood.

Nachman & Beile Swiwe
Breine (1888), David (1892), Marcus Wolf (1898)

Moses & Chancie Muhlrad Josef (perhaps his wife was Pikholz) ArieLeib
& Rishi Epstein
Taube Freude 1852-1880 Simon SON (don't know name)
These two are probably the same person.
Ten children, three died in childhood.  Most of  the rest, aside from some of Tobias' family, killed in Shoah.
Speculation based on children's names.
Had sons Nuta, Moshe Hersch, Nachman, Jacob and daughter Enge.  Had daughters Sarah, Sofie, Chaya and son Shaul.  Also daughter Gicie who dien in childhood. Daughters' families in USA. Taube may not be part of this family and if she is, she may be a wife, not a Pikholz. Guess based on Kozowka death of Eisig ben Simon in 1876. Salamon, married first cousin, Sofie bat Arie Leib.

LeaHudie ~1840-43

Berl 1843-43

Riwke Reisel & Markus Schapira 1850's- Ettel & Yehiel Pikholz 1860- Chaje Ester  1862- Josef & Feige Lea Schwager 1864-Shoah
six known children One child, Markus.

No idea who the Yehiel is.

Two known children - one in Israel.  No surviving descendants.

Lea & Jacob Braun ~1848-1925 Bassie & David Frankel ~1850-1920 Hersch & Jutte Kwoczka
Jehiel & Sima Schapira
Went from Zalosce to Pittsburgh, about 1890. 

Children were Mary, Eisig Fischel and Velvel.

Went from Skalat to US and lived in NY and Denver.

Children were Sarah, Fischel Eisig, Jachiel and Abraham plus five others.

Went from Zalosce to Pittsburgh, about 1900.

Children were Mordecai Shemuel, Rivka Feige, Miriam, Yosef Yitzhak, Devorah, David and Mendel.  Also three who died as children.

Known to have had three children. One, Wolf, died 1892 at age 18.

Mincie & David Zeiler Simon & Minnie Fried Marcus ~1857-59 Itzig Josef 1863-
Markus Children Ascher, Schneur and Etta in US, Moshe killed in Shoah in Budanov

Rechil & Shemuel Frankel Rojse & Osias Waszitz Riwke Reise & Israel Ornstein Breine 1860- Gabriel 1864 Cirl & Josef Pikholz Josef Mordche 1867- Izak & Anna Ester Zellermayer 1868-Shoah Chaje 1870- Taube 1873 Moses Hersch 1874- Freide 1877-
Ten children.
Eldest in USA.
Seven children Eight children   Died at age one year Five children
(see Itzig Josef ben Eliezer)
  Five children   Died age one month    
We know almost nothing about descendants of the children above.  The only ones we know anything about were killed in the Shoah.

Markus Matis 1870- Mordche 1876-1887 Leisor 1879-

Chaim & Miriam Berl 1860- Itzig Josef 1863- Tema & Zvi Kiwetz 1865- ??? & Zelleramayer Rivka & Avraham Greenfeld
Children are Devorah, Eliezer, Moshe and Rosa - mostly in Israel. see Cirl bat Berl & Dwore Ten children, all but one son and one grand- daughter killed in Shoah. Son Avraham came to Israel.  One other son, Moshe Hersch.  Maybe a third. Son Eliezer Haniel came to Israel as first Pikholz oleh.

Avraham & Chana Leiter Mordecai & Hinde Yehoshua & Rachel Berl & Devorah Zehler Rivka & Binyamin Zvi Bernstein Several others
Children Devorah, David Ber and Klara killed in Shoah in Buczacz.  Sons Zvi and Shalom came to Israel. Children Clara, Malka and Shraga killed in Shoah in Buczacz.  Son Izak came to Israel as did son of Malka. Son Mordecai and daughter unknown. Family lived in Nisniew and later stryj.  Three sons - Markus killed in Shoah, Samuel fought for British and Fischel in Israel. Family lived in Radautz Bukovina.  Surviving descendants in israel No details