Buried in Kefar Adummim
Alter Paltiel & 
Shimon &
Aharon Shelomo & Daube
Jacob Harry
Here lies buried

My dear husband
Our dear father, son and brother

ben R' Aharon and Esther

B uilder of Jerusalem, the Temple's Holy City
N oble, generous and kind, a heart of love and pity
Y ea, a man who feared the L-rd and gladly did His will
M odel of loyal leadership no other can fulfill
n his hand, he bore the crown of our house of prayer
N ow may G-d console us for the loss that we all share

Born 12 Iyyar* 5710
Died 18 Elul 5761

TNZB"H (May his soul be bound in life)
*Should read Av, not Iyyar

(Thanks to Zvi Ofer who helped on this translation)