Buried in Machzikei Hadas, Putte Holland

Shimon Diament
(married to Aharon Shelomo Zylberstajn)
Here lies buried
[first four lines are rhyming couplets that form an acrostic of DAUBE]
  Our heart is broken because a well-bred woman of valor, has been taken
  A God-fearing woman of good heart, and a good mother to her children
  In the shadow of the Almighty shall this dear, pure and honest soul live
  Her children shall mourn her death, saying "Oy, our crown has fallen"

The modest woman
DAUBE bat R' Shimon z"l from Kielce
Wife of R' Aharon Shelomo Zylberstajn z"l
Died with her good name, 7 Heshvan 5691
At age seventy-five

TNZB"H (May her soul be bound in life)