Buried on the Mt. of Olives (Perushim Section), Jerusalem

Here lies buried
The dear and noble young man
Of honest heart and simple ways
A G-d-fearing son of Torah

R' GUY ALLON ztz"l
ben Avital

Who was a symbol and example of
Spiritual strength, overcoming
Suffering and handicap and was taken
To Heaven
Heroic in his study of Torah
Loved everyone and was beloved and dear
To his family and all who knew him

He was taken to his eternal life
On 24 Menahem Av 5753
When he was only twenty-four years old.

True Torah was his road
And belief was his path

Oy, who will relace him!

TNZB"H (May his soul be bound in life)


Son of Avital and Geulah Allon
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