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24 May 2005
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Few months ago topic on the origin names for Western and Eastern Galicia was 
the subject of the discussions.

I have been digging a bit longer into the various sources and I'd like to 
share with you additional information.

Term Western and Eastern Galicia surfaces twice in the Austrian 
historiography at the end of 18th century and again in the second part of 
19th century.

During the last (third) partition of Poland in 1795, in addition to the 
exsting already Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria (carved from Poland at the 
time of first partition in 1772), Austria has acquired new Polish 
territories located between Wisla, Pilica and Bug Rivers.

(BTW, Austria did not participate in carving Poland's lands during the 
second partition of 1793)

This new Austrian territory became known as Western or New Galicia.
This "original" Western Galicia land was lost by Austria during the 
Napoleonic wars (1809-1815).

Post - Napoleonic 1815 Congress Vienna has established final borders of the 
three Empires winners which have lasted for 100 years the end of WWI.

(This is where from names such as  "Polish Congress" also known as 
"Kongresowka" or Russian Poland or Russian Polish Provinces have originated)

The second time when Western and Eastern Galicia names appear in the 
history, relates to the Ukrainian national movement following 1848 

The origin of the popular conception dates to the period of 1848-1867.

During 1848 revolution, the organization known as the Supreme Ruthenian 
Council (Holovna ruska rada in Ukrainian) demanded partition of post - 
Napoleonic Galicia into Ukrainian East and Polish Western part.

The central administration in Vienna responded favorably to the Ukrainian 
demand, and Galicia was administratively divided by a decision of the 
Ministry of Interior dated November 25, 1848. The Division went into effect 
after promulgation by the governor of  Galicia on January 12, 1849. The 
Division was confirmed by a second decision of the Ministry of the Interior 
dated January 24, 1854 and briefly suspended from April 22, 1854 until 
December 19,1860 and was finally liquidated in 1867.

1867 was a crucial year in Austrian history - this is when "Compromise" with 
Hungary has been reached, and monarchy has adopted the dual name of the 
Austro-Hungarian Empire, it has granted Hungary wide autonomy and recognized 
Hungarian as the official language of the Empire. Polish administrators of 
Galicia have received limited autonomic privileges over Galicia affairs, and 
Polish became the official language of Galicia.

Thus ambitions of the Ukrainians have been not recognized in 1867, official 
division between Western and Eastern Galicia have been liquidated and 
Ukrainian - Polish relations in Galicia became increasingly bitter.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

The Pikholz Project thanks Alexander Sharon for
permitting us to use this article.

Map of Rozdol-Brezdowicz-Stryj area.
Map of Rozdol-Brezdowicz area.