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The following article appeared in the Jerusalem POST Internet edition and
appears here with their kind permission.
15 Kislev 5762 03:31                           Friday November 30, 2001

Soldier slain, 
second wounded in shooting

               By Margot Dudkevitch

               JERUSALEM (November 30) - Palestinians riding in a
               car with Israeli license plates shot and fatally wounded
               one IDF soldier and wounded another as they stood at a
               roadblock in Baka a-Sharkiya, north of Tulkarm,
               inspecting vehicles early yesterday evening. The attackers
               fled toward Tulkarm. 

               The soldiers were deployed some 500 meters inside the
               town, which is located in Area C, under sole Israeli
               control. Magen David Adom ambulance teams treated
               the two, who suffered multiple gunshot wounds. 

               St.-Sgt. Yaron Pikholtz, 20, of Ramat Gan, was fatally
               wounded by three bullets and lost a large amount of
               blood. He died in a helicopter as he was being airlifted to
               Hillel Yaffe Hospital in Hadera. 

               The second soldier, who suffered moderate-to-serious
               wounds after being shot in the thigh and shoulder, was
               taken by ambulance to the same hospital. 

               Last night, Danny Tsabari, of Moshav Hamra in the
               northern Jordan Valley, was lightly wounded when
               terrorists shot at his car at the entrance to the community.
               He was treated on the scene by Magen David Adom

               The attacks occurred as security forces were placed on
               high alert in the North and South from the early morning
               after warnings were received of plans by terrorists to
               carry out attacks inside Israel hours before Prime
               Minister Ariel Sharon was to leave for the US. 

               In the Sharon district and along the Green Line security
               forces set up roadblocks on the main highways and roads
               in an attempt to prevent terrorists from crossing into

               In Beersheba and the surrounding districts police and
               soldiers were deployed in malls, markets, and bus and
               train stations. In addition, roadblocks were set up on
               roads leading to and from the city. 

               In Hebron, security forces reinforced their presence
               around the city and nearby villages after warnings were
               received of plans by terrorists to perpetrate an attack in
               the area. 

               Since Hamas fugitive Mahmoud Abu Hanoud was killed
               by Israel last week, extremist terrorist organizations such
               as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, and the Popular Front for
               the Liberation of Palestine issued leaflets vowing to attack
               Israeli targets to avenge his death. 

               Gaza Strip 

               * Last night Palestinians fired anti-tank grenades and fired
               light weapons at IDF posts near Neveh Dekalim and
               Ganei Tal in Gush Katif. Soldiers returned fire. 

               * Palestinians fired a mortar shell at an Israeli community
               in central Gush Katif. 

               * In the afternoon a large bomb exploded in an empty
              tent on the outskirts of Khan Yunis near Neveh Dekalim.
               The IDF Spokesman said it was not the first time that
               Palestinians planted bombs in tents in the area in order to
               harm IDF soldiers. 

               * In the morning Palestinians fired three anti-tank
               grenades at the Neveh Dekalim industrial zone. One of
               the grenades damaged one of the factories in the

               West Bank 

               * An Israeli motorist was lightly wounded after stones
               were thrown at his car south of Harmalah village near
               Gush Etzion. 

               * Shots were fired at the community of Homesh from the
               direction of Silat a-Daher. Earlier, shots were fired at an
               IDF vehicle in the same area. 

               * Palestinians in Jenin fired shots at an IDF patrol south
               of Kadim and at an IDF unit near Zita. 

               * Palestinians in El Khader fired shots at an IDF post
               near the Bethlehem bypass (tunnel) road. 

               * Earlier, Palestinians in Kalil fired shots at the community
               of Bracha. 

               * Shots were also fired at an IDF post at Efrat's Givat
               Hadagan. Bullets hit the post, but no one was wounded. 

               * Judea and Samaria police yesterday detained four
               residents of Shvut Rahel who are suspected of harassing
               Palestinians who live in the area and damaging their

               In recent months there have been a number of clashes
               between Jewish residents and Palestinians who tend their
               fields in the area. In one incident a Palestinian farmer was
               allegedly shot by Israeli residents.

Yaron Pickholz z"l
son of Amos and Tzilla

son of Shaul and Chana

son of Yehudah (Leibisz) 
born Rozdol 1890 - and Rebecca

son of Avraham 
- born Rozdol 1867- 
and Yehudit Teichman

son of Pinchas Pikholz 
and Rachel Borek
(Pinchas is probably the son 
of David Pikholz and Gittel Kraut
and grandson of Pinchas 
and Sara-Rifka Pikholz)

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