Names the Pikholz Families Gave Their Children
in Europe until 1940, elsewhere until 1922
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M  e  n  s'     N  a  m  e  s
Avraham Moshe David
Yitzhak/Isak Solomon/Zalman Samuel
Jacob/Kopel Hersch/Zvi Saul
Joseph Benjamin/Baruch Berl/Dov
Israel Mordecai/Max/Markus Zusia
Pinchas Nachman/Nathan Aaron
Meir Leib/Aryeh/Yehudah Zeev
Chaim Mendel Shimon
Shalom Osaias/Yehoshua Yehiel
Gabriel Eliezer / Oiser Joel
Getzel Fischel/Ephraim Peretz
W  o  m  e  n  s'     N  a  m  e  s
Sara Sofia Chaje
Rifka Chava Malka
Rachel Rosa (not Rachel, Rivka etc) Pesia
Leah Perla/Pinia Bessie
Ruth Miryam Hinde
Devorah Esther/Yitta/Yehudit Golde
Chana Scheindel/Yaffa Gittel/Taube
Cyla/Cirl Feige/Cipora/Fannie Beile/Blima
Dina Breine Jente
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five names
61 or more

If you have not visited this area before, please read the comments below.

  • Lists are based on first, middle and Hebrew given names, as well as very common secular names (Herman=Hersch, Max=Mordecai, etc).
  • Don't pay too much attention to spelling.  They didn't either.
  • Although this is based on descendants, not spouses, some of our sources - particularly older birth records - allow for the possibility that both parents are Pikholz descendants.  I have, therefore, tried to include these in the lists of given names.
  • Don't ask why I used (for instance) Avraham rather than Abraham as a heading, but Joseph rather than Yosef.  I have no idea.  It just came out that way.
  • For each entry, I have noted the family affiliation.  Where this is not known, I have indicated the source for the entry.  In any event, in this space the eastern families are colored yellow and the western families are colored blue.
  • Birth years in green mean that they are based on the birth date of the first known child - twenty-two years for the mother and twenty-five years for the father.  In blue means I'm guessing.
  • Since some people appear on more than one page because of double names, and since I did each page on it's own, I may have guessed the ages abit differently on the two pages for the same person.
  • In the case of multiple spouses, I noted those from whom there were children, sometimes omitting others.
  • The "Ref. No." refers to the way the person appears in my Brothers' Keeper database.  I am using them here so that I can refer to people without getting everyone confused.
  • To save space and clutter, no surname will be listed for those named Pikholz (any spelling).  But to avoid ambiguity, those given names appear in blue.
  • Given names are listed as the person was known, not necessarily by the birth name.
  • Aryeh and Yehudah are not the same, but since both translate to Leib, I have them listed together.  The same logic holds for Esther and Yehudit and other combinations, albeit not as firmly.  I did not combine all such instances, for example Yehiel and Michael.
  • I have done the best I could to group Jewish and other names together properly.  However, it seemed reasonable to put particular men named Zisa, Shalom and Schneur on the Samuel page, because that is the name they used in the US.
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