R' Eliyahu Mani (The Re'em)

Born in Baghdad in 5578 (1818).  In Iyyar 5625 his friend and in-law R' Moshe Perrera zt"l, the Rav of Hevron, died. In 5625, the Re'em was appointed Rav of Hevron.  In his sermons, he emphasized thye love for all Creation, love of Israel, love of the Land and the commandments connected to the Land and was active in redeeming and settling the Land.  His first publication Siah Yitzhak discussed customs of Israel.  He also wrote Maasei Eliyahu (two parts) on laws of what is forbidden and what is permitted.
In Sivan 5659, while on his death bed, he called his first born son and told him "I was born in Tammuz and I arranged my grave in Tammuz."  He died Thursday 8 Tammuz 5659 and was buried in the Reishit Hochma section.  he is buried next to his wife, the righteous rabbanit Samara Mani.