Zalosce-area Surnames Affiliated with the Kwoczkas

Pickholz - Hersch Pickholz of Podkamen married Jutte-Leah Kwoczka.  Children were born 1877-1897.

Pollak - Basche Pollak of nearby Jezierne married Mordecai-Meir Kwoczka.  Children include Jutte-Lea Pickholz, probably Pinkas Kwoczka and perhaps Rachmiel Kwoczka.

Franzos - Feige Franzos married Rachmiel Kwoczka.  Children were born 1894-1907.  Feige and Rachmiel were supposedly (first?) cousins.  There is also a Franzos-Pollak marriage, which may fit into this structure..

Schapira - Beile Rachel Schapiro of Brody married Mendel Kwoczka.  They had children in the 1870's.  She was likely a second wife.

Zwiebel - Jutte-Leah Zwiebel married Pinkas Kwoczka.  It is not clear if this Jutte-Leah is connected to the Kwoczkas who have two Jutte-Leah of their own.  The Zwiebels are from Zbarazh and one of their descendants married a daughter of Hersch Pickholz.

And maybe...

Szwadron - when Rachmiel Kwoczka entered the US, his passenger list said he was going to his cousin Hersh Szwadron.
Szwadron is a Zalosce name.

Braun (Brunn), Wachs, Ambos - other Zalosce surnames connected with these same families.