Part one - 15 May 2005
I just had a look at a new index of records from the town of Trembowla, 
south of Skalat, for the late 1890's and early 1900's.

There are three births there for children of Arie-Majer Tunis and Sara 
Pikholz.  We won't know for sure who her parents were until we order a 
record or two, but I am quite sure I know.

Arie-Majer is from Loszniow, which is a small village near Trembowla. 
Sara is from Zalosce, which as you know is where our family lived.  The 
three children are Jechel-Jakob (1898), Syme-Ester (1901) and Chaim 
Benzion (1902).  I also see what seems to be a 1902 death record for 

Hersch Pickholz, Lea Braun and Bassie Frankel/Franzos had a brother 
Yehiel whose wife was Syme.  Since forms of both these names appear in 
Sara's family, I am quite sure that she is their daughter.  There may be 
additional children in later records.

I then went into Yad VaShem and found two Pages of Testimony for Leib 
Tunis of Loszniow.  One was submitted by a friend in 1956.  The other was 
submitted by his daughter-in-law in 1999 and I have determined that this 
woman was born in 1911.  In 1999 she was living in an old age home in 
Rehovoth and I have a call in to them to see if she is alive and coherent 
and if not, can they refer me to her family (or pass a letter to them for 
me).  According to the Testimony, Leib (=Arie) was a widower and had (at 
least) two sons - Chaim age 40 and Leizer age 38.

This looks like our guy.

More as it happens.

Part two - 20 May 2005
I tried to speak with the widow of the person who I think was married to Sara's 
son Chaim.  She died last November, but I spoke with her daughter (born 
after the war - not Chaim's daughter).  She could not help much, but I 
did learn that Chaim was a physician had a younger brother Leiser who was 
an attorney.  She sent me to a cousin (83) who knew them.  This cousin 
(Marta) was able to tell me that Leiser has a living son in Wroclaw 
Poland, but didn't remember his first name.

I checked with a contact I have in Poland and it turns out that Stanislaw 
Tunis of Wroclaw died last year. 

So here we stand for now.