Ancestors of Rachmiel Gordon
Thanks to another Gordon descendant who has permitted me to cite her work
but has declined to share her evidence or documents.
So the top three rows should not be accepted as fact.

We go back as far as Rachmiel, with names only.  However, someone else has given us information going back several more generations, including dates, places and spouse names.  I do not have enough information to make an independent judgement on the quality of this information.  The chart below traces the parents of the husband of each couple.

Isak d. before 1766
wife Esther d. after 1764
Josel b. abt 1740 d. after 1796
wife was Miriam
Yaakov b. about 1765, d. before 1835
wife was Sima
Yitzhak b. 1796, d. 1850
wife was Leah
Rachmiel b. 1811, d. about 1853
wife was Diska, who died after birth of one child

We have documentary evidence identifying Itsko/Yitzhak ben Jankel, who died in 1850 at age 54 in Miadel, as the person in this chart.