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Welcome to my "Personal Stuff" page.  As you would expect, it will lead you to pictures of children and grandchildren and these will be updated from time to time.

Although this page is part of the Pikholz Project web site, I have included charts of my own ancestors (and their yahrzeits) and my wife's.  I have also begun developing small web sites on my great-grandmother's family, the Kwoczkas of Zalosce  and my mother-in-law's family, the Baums of Kurima, the Zylberstajn and the Schwartz/Scharf families. Also some basic information on my Rosenbloom, Gordon, Bauer, Rosenzweig and Zelinka ancestors.

Maybe I'll think of some other stuff to add here as well.  I used to have a record of letters to the editor and other such articles, but they have been detached.
 Y o u r s,