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I sent the following letter to several descendants of David ben Chaim Augenblick, who was the husband of my grandfather's cousin Mary Braun.  Not a bad story, considering I was in no way looking for this family.  In fact, I had no idea that the Augenblicks were from Galicia.  (I have some more specific information in my notes.)

One of our stops on our visit to Galicia last week was the large city  of Tarnopol.  There are a couple of hundred standing gravestones  in the cemetery.

We found six stones for Augenblicks.  I have no information on the  family of the David (ben Chaim) Augenblick who married Mary  Braun (daugther of Leah Pickholtz), but since the name is probably  unique, I took down the information.

In addition to our own family, I am ccing another Augenblick  researcher I found online.

Here is a summary:
(The first four are together and the other two are together)

Yehudah Leib ben Chaim, died Sukkot 1917.  Stone says he was  mourned by "wife and children."  Indication that he was young, but  no specifics.

David ben Avraham Yitzhak, died suddenly in late 1915 in his fifty-third year. Left three children.

Pesia Malka bat Avi-Ezra Zelig, wife of David Augenblick, died late  1917 at age forty-eight.  Mourned by three children.

Anna Augenblick, born ?? July 1874, died 15 December 1918.  This  stone is all in Latin letters.  The others have only the last name in  Latin letters, and not always even that.  This stone has completely  fallen over, but there is a crawl space underneath and since the  three adjacent were Augenblick, I crawled under to have a look.

Feige bat Avraham Yitzhak, wife of Leib Augenblick.  (Sounds like  she married her cousin - #1 above - and is sister of #2 above.)   Died early 1926 in her sixtieth year.  Mourned by two sons and a  daughter.

Sarah bat Avraham Yitzhak, wife of Mendel Klotz.  (I went to school  with a Klotz in Pgh. - tho Klotz seems to be a Lithuanian name, out  of place in Galicia.)  Died in late 1922 in her sixty-sixth year.  "She  was a dear mother to her children" and that language sounds like  maybe they are no longer living.  Says she lived in Radvil.  I don't  know where that is.

Anyway, looks like we have two brothers Avraham Yitzhak and  Chaim.  Both had sons David, so that may be their father's name.  Chaim also had Leib and Avraham Yitzhak had Feige and Sarah, with Feige marrying her cousin.  No guess here on who Anna is.

Israel P.
(See David Augenblick's grave in Pittsburgh.)

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