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Nachman / Nathan Pikholz
(by his grandson, Jacob Laor)

Born on 8 Oct 1875 in Klimkowce near Zbarazh, to
Jozef Pikholz from Klimkowce and Lane Feldman
(1853 - 1885) from Zbarazh. After the death of his
mother, he was send by his father and his second
wife Sara to a goldsmith in Vienna, to learn a profession.

His first wife was Mrs. Fishlowitz, and they had 2 daughters:
Leontyna (1901 - 1919) and Cesia (1903 - 1943). After
the death of his first wife, he married in Vienna my gmother
Debora Sturmwind. On 1 June 1907 was born their daughter
Marta (my mother) in Krakow, where they decided to live.

Debora and Nachman, with his two older daughters Leontyna
and Cesia, Krakow about 1906

During the first WW Nachman was a soldier in the Austro-
Hungarian Army, and his wife Debora was with the daughters
in Vienna, some of the time, with her family.  During one of his
vacations in Krakow, he was asked to help a Russian refugee
that arrived from Switzerland. The name of the refugee was
Vladimir Uljanow (Lenin). Nachman visited him in Poronin
near Krakow, and gave him some money.

After the war he was working in his profession in a big bank
in Krakow , where he became a Deputy Director. During that
time he had some influential Polish friends like Graff Potocki
and the famous painter - Kossak. In 1919 died from pneumonia
his daughter Leontyna.

On 1 Sep 1939 when the Germans attacked Poland, he decided
immediately to leave Krakow with his family (the Germans
entered Krakow on September 6th). They arrived to Lvov (the
Russians entered there on September 17th according the
agreement with the Germans), and after some time they
arrived to Strusow near Trembowla, where were living the relatives
of Nachman from the Segal - Pikholz branch of the family.

They lived there a year, and later were sent by the Russians to
Uzbekistan to the Prawda Kolhoz. Nachman was working there
in the Post Office. In 1943 died there his daughter Cesia, and
in 1944 his wife Debora. They are buried there.

In 1946 after the war, he returned with his daughter Marta to Poland.
Their flat in Krakow was occupied by the Checzoslowak Consulate,
and they received a flat in Wroclaw (Breslaw), where his daughter
Marta married in 1946 David Schein and was born in 1948 grandson
Jacob Schein (Laor).

In 1951 he arrived with his family to Warsaw and died there from
pneumonia in 4 Mar 1951. He is buried there in the Jewish cemetery.

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