Biographical Notes About Our Ancestors
as written by family members

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                    This index is arranged in order of receipt of the material.  Any family member who wishes to submit
                    a signed biography, is welcome to do so, providing that no one else has already done so.  Please
                    keep it to a single letter-size page, including photos, if any.

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SUBJECT Life span AUTHOR Relationship Reference family
Nachman Pikholz 1875-1951, 5636-5711 Jacob Laor Grandson Laor
Bessie Kraus 189?-1953, 565?-5713 Terry Kraus Granddaughter Pittsburgh
Manny Kraus 1915-1988, 5676-5749 Terry Kraus Daughter Pittsburgh
Morris Pickholtz 1896-1957,5657-5717 Ken Goldman Son-in-law Pittsburgh
Eliezer Haniel 1880-1960, 5640-5720 Or Kopel Great-grandson Eliezer
Rosa Pikholz ~1906-1943,~5667-5703 From the Yizkor book for Skalat Rosa
Beatrice Riss-Taft 1919-2003, 5679-5763 From the Indianapolis Daily News Rosa
Isidore Weissman 1917-2010, 5677-5770 Ronald Weissman (eulogy) Son Israel

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