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Family structure and yahrzeit and burial information

Generation 1 Generation 2 Generation 3 Generation 4 Gen.5
Gen. 6
Gen. 7
Gen. 8
Gen. 9
Motie (~1805-1864?) married Taube (`1802-1872?)

Another son of this couple is almost certainly Aryeh Leib.

Moti is very possibly a brother of Isaac Fischel.

Chana Chaje (~1823-1896)
married Eliezer (~1822-1878)



Lived in Skalat

Eliezer was a Levi and not a Pikholz.


Gittel Rivka
married Avraham Grunfeld
Died Kopicienice
at age 28. (1884)
Eliezer m. Yonah Soroker First Oleh.  Became Haniel, probably after grandparents. Rivka m. Salat
Chana m. Leon Kopf
Shemuel Ber died in infancy
Ettel m. Zalmen Juda Zellermayer   Avraham Eisig m. Batia Pudles made aliyah from Vienna Jonas/Julius m. Klara Frostig m. Esther
Eda m. Yitzhak Puder
Max m. Chana
Markus?   Herman m.
Etka m. Kurt Weiner
Tema b. 1865 married Zvi Kiwetz

Lived in Skalat.

Tema died shortly before the Shoah at age 73.


Yitzhak Kiwetz filled out Pages of Testimony for his father and five brothers.  We have a birth registration for Szulim and Chana (both of whom died in infancy), Ettel and Gittel-Riwe.

The Page for his father says that he had ten children, so this may mean that they are all accounted for.  Or maybe that doesn't count Szulim and Chana,and there were two others we don't know.

Eliezer married Devorah Born 1890. 
Killed in Shoah
4 killed in Shoah
Leibish, Chana-Chaya, Moshe, Yitzhak
b. Skalat 1892
m. Moses Leib Jawrower
Yitzhak b. 1893,  m. Perla Klein and m. Vitia Barasch Perla killed in Shoah.
Yitzhak and Vitia lived in Haifa.
3 sons killed in the Shoah Mordecai, Pinchas Yaakov, Kopel Nahum
Mendel Abba m. Chaje Cirl Pikholz Born 1895, killed in Shoah. Chane Chaje - killed in Shoah
Chana 1897-98 Skalat  
Schulim 1898-98 Skalat  
Born 1899, killed in Shoah
m. Chaje Lorber Ettel - killed in Shoah
Yosef m. Chaje Sara Kornberg Born 1906, killed in Shoah. 
3 killed in Shoah Cirl
Gittel Riwe b. 1901, killed in Shoah m. Mendel Feuerstein, killed in Shoah
3 killed in Shoah Leon
Chaim Born 1908, killed in Shoah. Esther, brought up by her uncle, Yitzhak Kiwetz in Haifa.
Chaim (`1848-1910) married Menie/Miriam Finkelstein (~1850-1930) Probably born in Skalat, but children seem to be born Tarnopol.  Children scattered. Schulem Schachne 1868-69
Devorah Gittel ~1877-1951 m.Kopel Brumer
lived in NY
Isidor 1898-1958
Florence 1900-1981
Abraham Schmiel 1877-77
Rosa b.1880 m. Moshe Kalachstein Lea Reisie b.1909  
Son Chaim became Etzioni in Israel.  Lived in Holon.
Ester Riwe 1882-82
Eliezer (1883) married Sarah Cackes in 1910 Lived in Tarnopol Devorah m. Josef Isaak Neuman - killed in the Shoah
Chana Chaya - killed in the Shoah
Beila - fled to "Russia"  
Etel m. Binyamin Senderovitz
Malka - killed in the Shoah
Chaim - fled to "Russia"
Moshe married Frieda Kreek Lived in Radauti. Israel  
Eliezer - lived in Givatayyim
Bela/Berta Susse m. Finderovic  
Raizel m. Greif  
Chana Cirl m. ?  
Ewa b.1888  
Berl Born Skalat 1860
Itzig Joseph
b. Skalat 1863
married Cirl Pikholz (first cousin)
Enie m. Chaim Degen Marcus Matis b. 1870 m. Sara Landau Maurycy b. 1902 m. Sarolta Ziegler, both killed in Shoah Aharon - killed in Shoah
Salomon b. 1903 
Gusta Laura
m. Beile Schafranek
b. 1907
Mordchy 1876-1887
Leisor 1879-1969 m. Chancie Buchwald
Chaim 1908-1994 m. Molly Elaine 1941-1993
SON living
Lea b. ~1911 DAUGHTER living
SON living
Isak b. ~1913
SON living b. ~1924
Devorah b.1833 or 1837 d. 1899 married Berl Pikholz 1816-98, son of (Itzig) Josef and Rojse. Rechil


married Samuel Frankel
(Itzig) Yosef


m. Rose Meiseles of  Chorostow

Lived in New York

Son died in infancy
Frida b.~1906 m. Louis Eichenstein
Dora 1906-83 m. Morris Fehl
Ann 1910-2000 married Samuel Goldman
Samuel 1926-83 m. Mildred Gerber
Henie b. 1881
Pessie b. 1883 - killed in Shoah m. Yehezkel Margolis - killed in Shoah Reuven - killed in Shoah
Sara Bassie b. 1884
Israel Sauel 
m. Gitel Sperber, 
both killed in Shoah
Bunia b. 1924, killed in Shoah
Taube b. 1888
Etie Reisie b. 1889
Ciporje b. 1891
Moses Leib
m. Fradel, both killed in Shoah Samuel 1923-43, 
killed in Shoah
Yitzhak 1933-42, 
killed in Shoah
Simche Berisch 1901-1921
Rojse  married Osaias Heschel   (or Henel) Waszitz Marcus 1881-83
Mendel b. 1883
Judes Liebe b. 1885
Menie b. 1887
Josef b.1891
Kreincie b.1894
Berl Wolf Nussen
b. 1896
m. Fryme Sosie
Riwke Reise married Israel Orenstein Abraham 1883-1902
Leiser b. 1885 m. Peril Pudles Anna b. 1912
Mircie 1887-89
Chaje Ester b. 1889
Ettel b. 1891-Shoah m. Moses Fischel Schorr Kheina 
Beile Chana 
b. 1893
m. Srul Wolf Barer
Dawid b. 1895
Eidel 1898-99
b. 1900
m. Abraham Hochbaum 3 children (add names)
Ber 1905-06
Cirl married Josef Pikholz (first cousin) Gittel Riwke b.d. 1886
Married Jente Pikholz Sara (Tzurcha) m. Yitzhak Szacberg killed in the Shoah 1 killed in the Shoah
Daughter died in 1920s?
Shelomo b. 1913 died childhood
Isaak Josef b. 1915 killed in the Shoah
Taube 1922-95
Taube b. 1889 m. Eliezer Zorstein Yosef - killed in the Shoah
Adele - killed in the Shoah
Etil b. 1881 m. Israel Kupferszmid b. 1891, who is also a Pikholz Josef b. ~1917 killed in the Shoah
Taube - killed in the Shoah
Szeine Rojse b. 1893
Moshe Mordche 1896-1957 m. Feige Willner & Sara Teitelbaum (buried Haifa)
Chane Chaje b.d. 1898
Dwojre b.d. 1903
Berl b. 1907
Jozef Mordche b. 1867
Isaac b. Skalat 1868, Family later lived in Lwow and were killed in the Shoah m.  Anna Esther Zellermayer, daughter of Moshe Hersch Zellermayer (b. ~1848) and Tema Somerstein.  Moshe Hersch is the son of Isak Elias Zellermayer and Chaje Cirl Pikholz, who is otherwise unknown to us. Chaje Cirl b.1894 married Mendel Abba Kiwetz Daughter listed with father above
Marcus b. 1892
Freide Keszy b. 1897 Skalat
Abraham b. 1902 Marcelowka
Berl b. ~1912  - killed in the Shoah
Shelomo b. ~1915  - killed in the Shoah
Kopel b. ~1917  - killed in the Shoah
Chaje b. 1870
Taube d. 1873
Moses Hersch 1874-75
Freide 1877-1941 m. Leib Sass Chaje Devora
b. 1900
m. Yaakov Messing
2 killed in the Shoah
Sure Feige b. 1903
Berl b. 1905 killed in the Shoah
Aron b. ~1923 killed in the Shoah
Szulim m. Sara Pikholz, 
daughter of 
Moses Hersch 
and Jente
Osaias b. 1876, d. young?
Leisor 1878-1880
Jente b. 1881, 
killed in Shoah
m. Eliezer Pikholz, 
son of Josef 
and Cirl Pikholz, 
b. 1887, killed in Shoah
Sara (Tzurcha),
killed in Shoah
m. Yitzhak Szacberg, d. 1970 Devorah, b. 1937  killed in Shoah
DAUGHTER Died 1920s?
Josef b. ~1917, killed in Shoah
Shelomo died in childhood
Taube 1922-1995 m. Boris Minolin DAUGHTER living
d. about 1920
m. Berl Wexler unnamed daughter 1901
m. Ezra Orenstein Sarah 1905-2000,  born Skalat m. Ben Zion Aptowitzer,
lived in US from ~1938
SON living
William 1907-1985 m. Anna Banner, lived in NY Eric 1947-2005
Josie? ~1869-1875
Perl d. 1872  age 3 mos.

see descendants here

m. Dwore Waltuch (~1838-1861
Lea m. Berl Pfeffer
m. Dwore's sister Hannah Waltuch (~1848-1923)
Malka Dwore
Naftali Herz
Josef Leisor
(Some of these are duplicates but I am not sure just how. Four lived to adulthood as far as I know.)
Arie Leib

see descendants here

m. Sara Kreisel Glisner 1829-1874?
Riwka Reisel
Chaje Ester
Josef (Mordecai)
Lived in Skalat, Budzanow, Kudryice and USA
Chaim Yaakov

see descendants here

m. Gittel
(and maybe Juda Mendel)

(If two descendants marry one another, both appear both as descendants and as spouses,
though not in the case of Cirl and Josef.)

  Descendants Spouses
 Generation 1
 Generation 2
 Generation 3
 Generation 4
 Generation 5
 Generation 6
 Generation 7
 Generation 8
 Generation 9

This list includes people for whom we know the yahrzeit or the cemetery.

Name Birth Surname
(if different)
Hebrew Names K/
Yahrzeit Cemetery Life Span
Person Father Mother
Josef Pikholz   Itzik Josef       19-20 Second Adar 5662   ~1784-1862
Gittel Rivka Grunfeld Pikholz Gittel Rivka Eliezer Chana L 25-26 Kislev 5645   ~1856-1884
Shmuel Ber Grunfeld   Shmuel Ber Avraham Gittel Rivka   15-16 Heshvan 5644 Kopicienice  1882-1883
Eliezer Pickholz   Eliezer Moshe Freida 1 Sivan 5725 Holon  1905-1965
Shulamit Pickholz Milbauer  Shulamit Shemuel Alter Taube   7 Sivan 5727 Holon 1903-1967
Schulim Kiwetz   Shalom Zvi Tema   28-29 Elul 5658   1898-1898
Yitzhak Kiwetz   Yitzhak Zvi  Tema    13 Tishrei 5730  Sede Yehoshua, Haifa 1893-1969
Vitia Kiwetz   Vitia     L 19 Shevat 5733 Sede Yehoshua, Haifa         -1973
Esther Jaroslawitz Kiwetz Esther Chaim Pinie   29 Kislev 5781 Hof HaCarmel, Haifa 1939?-2020
Yaakov Jaroslawitz   Yaakov Aryeh Shemuel Brandel   29 Nisan 5775 Hof HaCarmel, Haifa 1936-2015
Gittel Riwke Pikholz   Gittel Riwke Itzig Josef Cirl L 9-10 Tammuz   1886-1886
Chaim Etzioni Pikholz Chaim Moshe Rosa   7 Tishrei 5750 Holon 1910-1989
Yaakov Etzioni   Yaakov Chaim Sarah   6 Kislev 5760 HaYarkon 1939-1999
Rivka Etzioni   Rivka Chaim Sarah   21 Heshvan 5758 HaYarkon 1940-1997
Etel Senderovitz Pickholz Etel Eliezer Sarah L 15 Sivan 5764 Sede Yehoshua, Haifa 1913-2004
Binyamin Senderovitz   Binyamin Avraham David Ita   22 Second Adar 5760 Sede Yehoshua, Haifa 1913-2000
Abraham Schmiel Pick   Avraham Shemuel Chaim Menie L 19-20 Sivan 5637 Tarnopol ~1876-1877
Ester Riwe Pikholz     Chaim Menie L 17-18 Av 5642 Tarnopol 1882-1882
Eliezer Haniel Pikholz Eliezer Avraham Gittel   13 Tammuz 5720 Kiryat Shaul 1880-1960
Yonah Haniel Soroker Yonah Pinchas     17 Av 5722 Kiryat Shaul         -1962
Zeev Salat   Zeev Dov Rivka   15 Tammuz 5728  Kiryat Shaul (IDF) 1949-1968
Rivka Salat Haniel Rivka Eliezer Yonah   23 Av 5760 Kiryat Shaul         -2000
Chana Kopf Haniel Chana Eliezer Yonah   12 Sivan 5766 Kiryat Shaul 1921-2006
Leon Kopf (old stone)
  Yehudah Avraham     14 Heshvan 5759 Kiryat Shaul 1917-1998 
Rami Kopel Kopf Avraham Yehudah Chana   15 Av 5765 Kiryat Shaul 1946-2005
Avraham Zellermayer   Avraham Yitzhak Zalman Yehudah Ettel   8 Sivan 5715 Kiryat Shaul 1883-1955
Batya Zellermayer Pudles Batya Dan Rivka   28 Tammuz 5735 Kiryat Shaul 1887-1975
Julius Zellermayer   Yonah Avraham Batia   20 Tammuz 5764 Har HaMenuhot 1910-2004
Klara Zellermayer Frostig Henie Chaya Sara Yehoshua     4 Nisan 5758 Har HaMenuhot 1909-1998
Esther Zellermayer   Esther Pinchas     4 Nisan 5744 Har HaMenuhot         -1984
Eda Puder Zellermayer   Avraham Batia   24 Adar II 5757 Sede Yehoshua 1913-1997
Yitzhak Puder   Yitzhak Moshe Tirza    28 Heshvan 5747 Sede Yehoshua         -1986
Max Zellermeyer     Avraham Batia   9 Adar 5756 HaYarkon 1917-1996
Chana Zellermayer   Chana Zeev Sofia   16 Kislev 5761 HaYarkon 1919-2000
Kurt Egon Weiner           14 Kislev 5761 Holon ~1903-2002
Isak Pickholz   Yitzhak Berl Dwora   14-15 Elul 5702 Lwow 1868-1942
Anna Ester Pickholz Zellermayer   Moshe Hersch Teme   8-9 Tishrei 5703 Lwow ~1870-1942
Chaim Pickholz   Chaim Elieer Chana Chaje L 5-6 Sivan 5670 Tarnopol ~1848-1910
Menie Pickholz Finkelstein Menie Israel Fradel   9-10 Teveth 5691 Tarnopol ~1850-1930
Szulim Schachne Pickholz   Shalom Schachne Chaim Menie L 23-24 Iyyar 5629 Tarnopol 1868-1869
Dora Brumer Pikholz Devorah Gittel Chaim Menie L 9-10 Iyyar 5711 Beth David, Elmont NY ~1877-1951
Kopel Brumer   Yaakov Kopel Yehiel Michel   L 18-19 Adar 5703 Beth David, Elmont NY 1875-1943
Isidor Brumer   Israel Yaakov Kopel Devorah Gittel L 20-21 Second Adar 5741 Beth David, Elmont NY 1898-1958
Florence Atlas Brumer Freidel Rachel Yaakov Kopel Devorah Gittel L 28-29 Nisan 5718 Beth David, Elmont NY 1900-1981
Leisor Degen   Eliezer Chaim Enie   4 Adar 5729 Holon 1879-1969
Chancie Degen Buchwald Chana Kreine Yosef      15 Iyyar 5715 Beth David, Elmont NY ~1886-1955
Hymen Degen   Chaim Leisor Chancie   1-2 Tishrei 5755   1908-1994
Molly Degen           8-9 Sivan 5764   1911-2004
Elaine Shalem Degen   Chaim     29 Elul 5753?   1941-1993
Harry Degen   Yitzhak Hersch? Leisor Chancie   5-6 Heshvan 5756   1913-1995
Beatrice Degen           26-27 Adar 5762   1911-2002
Abraham Orenstein   Avraham Isak Josef Hinde   29 Teveth / 
1 Shevat 5662
Skalat 1883-1902
Yitzhak Szacberg   Yitzhak Avraham     14 Nisan 5730 Holon 1906-1970
Taube Pikgolts   Taube Eliezer Jente L? 3 Adar II 5755 Netanya - Vatikin 1922-1995
Moshe Pickholz   Moshe Mordecai Josef Cirl   21 Av 5717 Hof HaCarmel 1896-1957
Sara Pickholz Teitelbaum Sarah Zeev or Shemuel     3 Kislev 5725 Hof HaCarmel 1907-1964
Joseph Frankel   Yitzhak Yosef Shemuel Rechil   16 Sivan 5715 Beth David, Elmont NY 1879-1955
Rose Frankel Meiseles Rachel Josef Feige/Frida   22 Shevat 5731 Beth David, Elmont NY 1883-1971
Samuel Frankel   Shemuel Yitzhak Yosef Rachel   11 Shevat 5743 Beth David, Elmont NY 1926-1983
Mildred Frankel Gerber Mindel Asher Anschel     8 Av 5756 Beth David, Elmont NY 1928-1996
Ann Goldman Frankel Chana Chaya Yitzhak Yosef Rachel   28 Elul 5760 Beth David, Elmont NY 1910-2000
Samuel Goldman   Shemuel Ephraim   K 18 Heshvan 5742 Beth David, Elmont NY 1915-1981
Dora Fehl Frankel Devorah Yitzhak Yosef Rachel 15 Tishrei 5744 Mt. Hebron, NY 1906-1983
Morris Fehl   Moshe Yehudah Shelomo     17 Heshvan 5733 Mt. Hebron, NY 1908-1972
Freida Eichenstein Frankel   Yitzhak Yosef Rachel     Beth David, Elmont NY  
Louis Eichenstein           Beth David, Elmont NY  
Mirel Orenstein     Israel Riwke Reise   9 Nisan 5649 Skalat 1887-1889
Eidel Orenstein     Israel Riwke Reise   6 Av 5659 Skalat 1898-1899
Chaim Yaakov Pikholz   Chaim Yaakov Mordecai Taube?   11 Heshvan 5671 Buczacz         -1910
Etil Pickholz   Etil Chaim Yaakov Gittel   25 Kislev 5680 Buczacz ~1851-1919
Abraham Leib Pickholz   Abraham Leib Dov Devorah   23-24 Heshvan 5672   1909-1911
Chaim Jakob Pickholz   Chaim Yaakov Dov Devorah   4-5 Teveth 5672   1911-1911
Perl Pikholz   Perl Shalom Sara   27-28 Kislev 5633   1872-1872
Josie Pikholz   Yosef Shalom Sara   21-22 Tishrei 5636   ~1869-1875
Ben Zion Aptowitzer   Benzion Chaim    K 26 Shevat 5748 JEC, Elizabeth NJ 1900-1988
Sally Aptowitzer Pikholz Sarah Ezra Tova   12 Av 5760 JEC, Elizabeth NJ 1905-2000
Ted Able Aptowitzer  Tuvya Moshe Benzion Sarah K 19 Tammuz 5768 Beth Moses, Pinelawn NY 1947-2008
William Pickholz   Wolf Ber Ezra Tova    28 Kislev 5746 Beth El, Cedar Park, NJ 1907-1985 
Anna Pickholz Banner Chana Gitel Moses Sala?    3-4 Adar II 5717  Beth El, Cedar Park, NJ 1915-1957 
Eric Pickholz   Ezra Wolf Ber Chana   26 Sivan 5765 Beth El, Cedar Park, NJ 1947-2005
Yitzhak Szacberg   Yitzhak Avraham     14 Nisan 5730 Holon 1906-1970
Taube Pikgolts   Taube Eliezer Jente L 3 Adar II 5755 Netanya - Vatikin 1922-1995

If the name has a yellow background, there is a Page of Testimony at Yad VaShem
A darker yellow background means the person is mentioned on someone else's Page of Testimony.
If the information in the "Killed" column has a  grey background,  the person was in military service.
?? Chana Ciryl Pickholz F 1906 Moshe Pickholz Frieda Kreek    
?? Reizel Pickholz F 1911 Moshe Pickholz Frieda Kreek Gershon Greif  
Kolomiya Frieda Kreek F       Moshe Pickholz  
Kolomiya Israel Pickholz M ~1905 Moshe Pickholz Frieda Kreek    
Skalat Zwi Kiwetz M   Yitzhak Kiwetz Chaje  Tema Pikholz  
Skalat Chaim Kiwetz M 1908 Zwi Kiwetz Tema Pikholz Pinie Podhoretz  
Skalat Pinie Podhoretz F       Chaim Kiwetz  
Skalat Perla Mager F   Zvi Menahem Mager Sara Leah  Isak Kiwetz  
Skalat Mordecai Kiwetz M   Isak Kiwetz Perla Mager    
Skalat Pinchas Yaakov Kiwetz M   Isak Kiwetz Perla Mager    
Skalat Kopel Nahum Kiwetz M   Isak Kiwetz Perla Mager    
Skalat Eliezer Kiwetz M 1890 Zwi Kiwetz Tema Pikholz Devora?  
Skalat Moshe Kiwetz M 1899 Zwi Kiwetz Tema Pikholz    
Skalat Chaje F   Yosef   Moshe Kiwetz  
Skalat Ettel Kiwetz F   Moshe Kiwetz Chaje    
Skalat Gittel Kiwetz F 1901 Zwi Kiwetz Tema Pikholz Mendel Feuerstein Last Aktzia Tarnopol
Skalat Mendel Feuerstein M 1894 Israel Alte MiriamFradel Gittel Kiwetz Last Aktzia Tarnopol
Skalat Leon Feuerstein M 1921 Mendel Feuerstein Gittel Kiwetz   Last Aktzia Tarnopol
Skalat Motel Feuerstein M 1922 Mendel Feuerstein Gittel Kiwetz   Last Aktzia Tarnopol
Skalat Sara Feuerstein F 1924 Mendel Feuerstein Gittel Kiwetz   Last Aktzia Tarnopol
Skalat Yosef Kiwetz M 1906 Zwi Kiwetz Tema Pikholz Chaje Sara Kornberg  
Skalat Chaje Sara Kornberg F 1904 Chaim Yaakov Kornberg Czarna Madfes Yosef Kiwetz  
Skalat Cirl Kiwetz F   Yosef Kiwetz Chaje Sara Kornberg    
Skalat Lea Gittel Kiwetz F   Yosef Kiwetz Chaje Sara Kornberg    
Skalat Dov Kiwetz M   Yosef Kiwetz Chaje Sara Kornberg    
Skalat Leibish Kiwetz M   Eliezer Kiwetz Devora?    
Skalat Yitzhak Kiwetz M   Eliezer Kiwetz Devora?    
Skalat Chana Chaya Kiwetz F   Eliezer Kiwetz Devora?    
Skalat Moshe Kiwetz M   Eliezer Kiwetz Devora?    
Tarnopol Sarah Cackes F 1883 Shimon Cackes Freidel Eliezer Pickholz 1940 Tarnopol
Tarnopol Deborah Pickholz F 1912 Eliezer Pickholz Sarah Cackes Josef Isak Neuman 1942 Tarnopol
Tarnopol Child Neuman ? ~1939 Josef Isak Neuman Deborah Pickholz    
Tarnopol Eliezer Pickholz M 1883 Chaim Pickholz Menie Finkelstein Sarah Cackes 1944? Tarnopol
Tarnopol Chaim Pickholz M 1922 Eliezer Pickholz Sarah Cackes   Tarnopol
Tarnopol Chana Pickholz F 1913 Eliezer Pickholz Sarah Cackes   1942 Tarnopol
Tarnopol Malka Pickholz F 1921 Eliezer Pickholz Sarah Cackes   Tarnopol
Tarnopol Beila/Beti Pickholz F 1916 Eliezer Pickholz Sarah Cackes   1942 Tarnopol
Tarnopol Maurycy Degen M 1902 Matis Degen Sara Landau Szarlota Ziegler Tarnopol ~1941
Tarnopol Szarlota Ziegler F 1904-5 Samuel Ziegler Lea Stern Maurycy Degen Tarnopol ~1941
Tarnopol Aharon Degen N Abt 1939 Maurycy Degen Szarlota Ziegler   Tarnopol ~1941
Zalosce Bela/Berta Susse Pickholz F ~1908 Moshe Pickholz Frieda Kreek Man Finderovic  
Skalat Pessie Frankel F 1883 Shemuel Frankel Rechil Pikholz Yehezkel Margolis  
Skalat Yehezkel Margolis M ~1888     Pessie Frankel  
Skalat Reuven Margolis M   Yehezkel Margolis Pessie Frankel  
Skalat Shemuel Margolis M ~1923 Yehezkel Margolis Pessie Frankel  
Skalat Saul Frankel M 1886 Shemuel Frankel Rechil Pikholz Gitel 1942 Belzec
Skalat Gitel F ~1889     Saul Frankel 1942 Belzec
Skalat Bunia Frankel F 1924 Saul Frankel Gitel   1942 Lwow
Skalat Moshe Leib Frankel M 1894 Shemuel Frankel Rechil Pikholz Fradel 1943 Skalat
Skalat Fradel F 1893     Moshe Leib Frankel 1942 Belzec
Skalat Shemuel Frankel M 1923 Moshe Leib Frankel Fradel   1943 Lwow
Skalat Yitzhak Frankel M 1933 Moshe Leib Frankel Fradel   1942 Belzec
Skalat Yosef Kuperschmidt M 1917 Israel Kuperschmidt Etil Pickholz    
Skalat Tova Kuperschmidt F   Israel Kuperschmidt Etil Pickholz    
Skalat Etil Pickholz F 1891 Josef Pickholz Cirl Pikholz Israel Kuperschmidt  
Skalat Israel Kuperschmidt M 1891 Leibusch Kupferschmidt  Golde Beile Pikholz Etil Pickholz  
Skalat Taube Pikholz F 1889 Yosef Pikholz Cirl Pikholz Eliezer Zorstein  
Skalat Eliezer Zorstein M ~1880 Israel Rivka Taube Pikholz  
Skalat Yosef Zorstein M   Eliezer Zorstein Taube Pikholz    
Skalat Adele Zorstein F ~1926 Eliezer Zorstein Taube Pikholz    
Lwow Isaac Pickholz M 28 Jun 1868 Berl Pickholz Devorah Pikholz Anna Esther Zellermayer Lwow 27 Aug 1942
Lwow Anna Esther Zellermayer F ~1870 Moshe Hersch Tema Isaac Pickholz Lwow 19 Sep 1942
Skalat Chaje Cirl Pickholz F 1894 Isaac Pickholz Anna Esther Zellermayer Mendel Abba Kiwetz Skalat
Skalat Mendel Abba Kiwetz M 1895 Zwi Kiwetz Tema Pikholz Chaje Cirl Pikholz  
Skalat Chane Chaje Kiwetz F   Mendel Abba Kiwetz Chaje Cirl Pikholz    
Lwow Berl Pickholz M ~1912 Isaac Pickholz Anna Esther Zellermayer   Lwow
Lwow Shelomo Pickholz M ~1915 Isaac Pickholz Anna Esther Zellermayer   Skalat
Lwow Kopel Pickholz M ~1917 Isaac Pickholz Anna Esther Zellermayer   Lwow
Skalat Moses Frankel M 1894 Samuel Frankel Rechil Pikholz Fradel 1942 Belzec
Skalat Saul Frankel M 1889 Samuel Frankel Rechil Pikholz Fradel 1942 Belzec
Skalat Fradel F 1893 Yitzhak Meir Ester Moses or Leib 1942 Belzec
Skalat Freida Pikholz F 1877 Berl Pikholz Dwojre Pikholz Leib Sass  
Skalat Leib Sass M ~1876 Avraham David   Freida Pikholz  
Skalat Chaje Devora Sass F 1900 Leib Sass Freida Pikholz Yaakov Messing  
Skalat Yaakov Messing M ~1896 Yosef   Chaje Devora Sass  
Skalat CHILD Messing ?   Yaakov Messing Chaje Devora Sass    
Skalat CHILD Messing ?   Yaakov Messing Chaje Devora Sass    
Skalat Berl Sass M 1905 Leib Sass Freida Pikholz    
Skalat Aron Sass M 1923 Leib Sass Freida Pikholz?    
Skalat Etie Frankel F 1889 Samuel Frankel Rechil Pikholz Netanel Perl  
Skalat Netanel Perl M ~1885 Pesah Chana Sarah Etie Frankel  
Skalat Etel Ornstein F 1891 Israel Ornstein Riwe Pikholz Moshe Fischel Schor  
Skalat Moshe Fischel Schor M 1893 Nuchim Schor Chana Halpern Etel Ornstein  
Skalat Kheina Schor F ~1920 Moshe Fischel Schor Etel Ornstein    
Skalat Berl Waszitz M 1896 Heschel Waszitz Rojse Pikholz    
Skalat Jente Pikholz F 14 Aug 1881 Szulim Pikholz Sara (Nesie?) Pickholz Eliezer Pickholz Skalat
Skalat Eliezer Pickholz M 4 Sep 1887 Josef Pickholz Cirl Pikholz Jente Pikholz Skalat/Skarncie?
Skalat Sara (Tchurcha) Pikholz F   Eliezer Pickholz Jente Pikholz Yitzhak Szacberg  
Skalat Isaak Josef Pickholz M 1915 Eliezer Pickholz Jente Pikholz   Skalat
Skalat Devorah Szacberg F 1937 Yitzhak Szacberg Sara (Tchurcha) Pikholz    

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