Buried in Buczacz Cemetery

Here lies buried
A pure and honest man, a Hassid
And Gaon, Rav R' Chaim Yaakov
B'R' Mordecai z"l  died

Keter Torah
11 Mar-Heshvan 5671
A humble man from his youth
Dedicated all his days to Torah
He was an instructor in Israel
But due to his great modesty
Never wanted a position for himself
And did not want to use the Torah*
As an axe to dig with.
He taught his sons to fear God
A generous man, whose house was
Always open to everyone.  His soul
Ascended to Heaven in holiness
And purity.### TNZB"H (May his soul be bound in life)

* A Talmudic expression meaning
that he did not use Torah to make a living.
### This is probably his age.

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