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Seifer Stryj 
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Pages of Testimony
Rozdol Families

Meir Pickholz (b. 1895, Rozdol) married Chana Wolf (b. 1898, Przemysl), daughter of Shemuel and Rivka.  Submitted by Tova Goldman.

Moshe ben Isser, born 1891 in Zurawno, and his wife Tova.  Children Sara (1913), Gershon (1918), Dina (1922).  Sarah  married Yaakov Steg.  Son Moshe (b. about 1940, d. Ghetto Stryj).  Submitted by Yaakov Steg, husband.  Moshe ansd Tova submitted by David Lieberman of Zurawno.  David's son Yosef told me about Gershon and Dina.  He knew the family.

Michael ben Avraham, born 1905 in Zurawno, and his wife Miryam.  Submitted by a friend, David Lieberman of Zurawno.

Feige Pickholz and her husband Chaim Yehudah Leib Freundlich (b. 1890 in Mikolayev) and two children - Zeev Eliyahu (1930) and Avraham ????? (1938) -  submitted by Simha Lev.

Yitzhak Pickholz of Zurawno, born about 1878, submitted by his friend Yeheskel Cins.

Miryam Pikholc (seems to be her married name), born 1900 in Stryj.  Had a daughter Shulamith, born 1920.  Submitted by her cousin, Rachel Cohen, who is connected to the Leib and Feige Roth family.

Page for Sarah Pickholz and husband Moshe and daughter Hela (b. 1920) or Zurawno, submitted by Mordecai Fuchs - "acquaintance."  Not clear if Pickholz here is Moshe or Sarah.

Skalat Families

Berl Pickholz married Anna/Asenat Unger (born 1900 in Zborow), daughter of Meir and Cirl, lived in Jaroslav.  Killed in Lwow.  Had a daughter Sonia, born 1933, also killed in Lwow.  Submitted by her brother, Avraham Unger.  (The Ungers are from Zborow, so this Berl is probably from an eastern family.) May be Berl son of Josef and Cirel.

Tuvia Pickholz (b. 1892, Skalat).  Submitted by Mordecai Steinbok.

Ozer Pickholz (b. 1900, Trembowla) married Rahel Akselrad (b. 1902, Jagielmea) daughter of Anshel and Etil.  Submitted by Bela Schachner.

Moshe Pickholz (b. 1888, Buczacz) married Tema (b. 1890, Budzanow). Son Munio (b. 1920, Budzanov) also killed.  Submitted anonymously.  Listed in the Budzanow yizkor book with an indication that they are from Buczacz.  (We do not know a connection between Moshe and the Pikholz-Fried family who lived in Budanow and who do not appear in the yizkor book.)  We have also acquired the marriage record of Moshe and Tema Baltuch, showing Moshe to be the son (b. 1880) of Juda Mendel Pickholz and Henie Schutzman.  Munio may therefore be after Juda Mendel.  Juda Mendel is possibly the son - or perhaps a brother - of Chaim Yaakov of the Buczacz family.

Taube Pikholz married Menahem Mendel Hafner, lived in Mielnice.  Submitted by Ruth Avinor and Avner Avneri, from the Hafner family.

Page for Shimshon Lewinter (b. 1884 in Skalat), mentioning his wife Cyla Pikholz and son Fischel.  A related Page mentions daughter Yetta (m. Aharon Schechter Michel) and son Shelomo Zvi.  Lived in Podhajce, though Yetta was born in Vienna.

Seifer Stryj

Moshe ben Yitzhak - may be son of Yitzhak David from RavJG family
Keila bat Yitzhak Isaac
Meir Shimon ben Yitzhak Isaac
Pinchas ben Yitzhak Isaac
Yehudah ben Yitzhak Isaac
    (some or all of these five may be one family)
All these may be connected to Yitzhak Isak ben Pinchas.

Lwow Cemetery 1941-42
Pinkas, age 34, died 28 Nov 1941
Herman, age 45, died 25 Jul 1942.  May be married to Klara Mandler.
Maks, age 48, died 19 Oct 1942 - may be the father of Zisl Kling.
Hawa, no age listed, 20 Sep 1942

Sandor Herlinger, born 1905 in Budapest is son of Janka Pickholcz.  His wife is Jolan Gluck.

Ilona Pickholcz, born 1890 (daughter of Netty Hercz) married Adolf Hollander.

Other Hungarians
CZA has a record for Elza Piekholz age 25, in Budapest.  CZA denies any knowledge of this file.

Uzbekistan List
Isaak ben David, born 1902 in Tarnopol.

Other Yizkor Books etc.

Marian (1929) and Josef (1930), sons of Mendel Pikholc and Anna Willner of Podwoloczysk, were living in Bytom Poland in 1946.  This Mendel is probably the son of Moshe and Sure Liebergal from the LAOR family.  We may have found Josef in Krakow, perhaps with a daughter.

Avraham Pickholz, served on Judenrat in Kolomiyya (Pinkas Kehilot, Poland B).  Also listed as voter to Eighteenth Zionist Congress.  Dorota P listed as voter to Nineeenth Zionist Congress is probably related.

The Horenstein family tree shows a "Dr Pickholz" married to Rachel Horenstein. She died 1942 while married to a Rosenzweig.  We have no idea who this Dr Pickholz is or what happened to him. nor where any of this took place.

Shimon ben Alter Pickholz and family (five people) of Bobrka (Bobrka Yizkor Book)

Hersch Pickholz (Stanislawow Yizkor Book), age 40, five family members
Moses Pickholz (Stanislawow Yizkor Book)
Estera Pickholz (Stanislawow Yizkor Book), age 40, three family members
Bruno Pikholz (Stanislawow Yizkor Book), age 38, five family members.  Listed as Silholz, but probably error.
Klara (b. 1905) Mandler possibly related to these.  Her husband was Herman, but I have no idea if he is the Herman from Zurawno listed above.

Simon, (from Lwow Ghetto database) working on Sadki Farm. - May be part of LAOR.

Stanislawa Pikholc was sheltered for two years by a couple named Dobrucki from Czortkow, according to

Marta Pickholc b. 1917 Krakow listed in USHMM survivors list.

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