Unconnected Individuals and Small Families
With No Apparent Links to Living People

Graves in Israel

Lisa Pickholz, bat Henrik, buried Holon, died 1983 age two months. (Cannot locate grave itself.  It is apparently unmarked.)

Graves in the US

Beth David Cemetery, Elmont New York:
Helen Pickholtz, born about 1879, died 18 March 1964.  Son: Irving Meyerowitz.
Ethel Pickholtz, born about 1885, died 1 October 1968. Son named Isaac.

Mt. Zion Cemetery, Maspeth Long Island:
Eva Pickholtz, born about 1862, died 16 February 1950.  Lived in the Bronx.  Named changed to Barron by affidavit, after death.  May be the wife of Nathan ben Gecel from LAOR family.

Mokom Sholom, Bayside NY
Israel Pikholz, died at fourteen days in June 1893.  Son of Yehiel and Maria.  May be a Grimaylow family.

Other Graves

Jozef Pikholc, 1902-1983, buried in Krakow.

Lani Pikholz, buried in Krakow.  No information whatever.

Lea Pikholz, buried Czernowitz 1913. Very likely the daughter of Joel of DORA family.

Jacob Pickholz (d. 1898), his wife Annie (d. 1900) and daughter Mary (1896-1898) died in London.  They are all buried in Plashet.  Burial records give Jacob's name as Chaim Yaakov ben Avraham and he was about forty, born in Russia. Mary is called Becky on her death certificate.  Or Mary and Becky are two daughters.

Morris Pickholz buried East Ham (London), died 30 Jan 1933.  This may be Moshe Ruwen ben Samuel of IF1 family.  Or he may be seven year old Morris Pichols.  (I have not yet listed this child as a separate entry in our database.)  His wife Dora died 18 December 1948 at age 73 and is buried in Rainham Cemetery.  They had no children.

Chaje Pikholc (d. 2002) and her husband Leon Dobisky (d. 1997, age 79) are buried in Tablada Cemetery, Buenos Aires. They are in the same grave, but the stone only refers to him.  The stone refers to children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Name Changes in Reshumot
Elisheva Pickholz changed her name to Elisheva Reiter in Reshumot 5710. She lived in Jerusalem, Romema, Bet Simani caf. We have no idea who this is and she may be a spouse.

Yehudit Pickholz changed her name to Yehudit Ilani in Reshumot 5733. No further information. We have no idea who this is and she may be a spouse.

Ellis Island Data Base

Max (b. ~1872) and wife Buna and daughter Chana returned home to Brooklyn in 1900.

Isaak Pickholz from Stryj arrives in the US in 1905, age 33 and married.  He was going to his brother-in-law  whom we have not identified.  Izaak was detained at immigration (for medical reasons), but the document of that event doesn't tell us anything new.  We have no idea if he stayed in the US or not as we see no further sign of him anywhere.  It is possible that he is the son of Salomon (Lerner) and Sara Rivka Pikholz (b.1871) from IF2 or the husband of Race Hausman - or both.  Or neither.

Josef Pichocz listed as 26 year old passenger on Werra, entering NY on 26 Apr 1889.  May be one of ours, maybe not.  Doesn't seem to fit anyone. (I have not entered him on Pioneers page.)

Rosa Pickholz (21) and her cousin Bertha Silberman went to the US from Vienna in July 1911. It is not clear how they are related.  Rosa's nearest relative in Vienna is her mother, whose name is not clear - perhaps Sure or Ciwie or Dine. The Authorities in Vienna say that there was no address such as that given for Rosa's mother.  Both young women were detained at Ellis Island and were released to Celia May, 213 Broome, NY.  Rosa was born in Sedziszow (Ropczyce district, Krakow Province) according to the passenger list.  We have no further information about her.

O t h e r s

Harris Pickholz, age 33 , unmarried, appears in 1910 NY census as a boarder living with a family named Rubin.  It says he and his parents were born in Austria and that he enenterd the US in 1910.

Felix (1888) and Rosa (1892) Pickholz, with children Mila and Eszter (1926), applied for aliyah from Szolvya (Carpathorus) in 1943.  Rosa is from Tarnopol, so she may be the Pickholz.

Genia Pickholz engagement to Isaak Grunhald acknowledged by Eisig Rothfeld in Lwow Jewish newspaper Chwila, Feb 1924.  No idea who this is. Or if they actually married.

Jacob S. Pickholtz is listed in the 1901 UK census as a thirteen year old student.  May be in Pittsburgh family.  See expanded thoughts here.

Morris Pichols age seven, listed in 1901 UK census, born in Capy Colony (=Capetown SA).  May be Morris, husband of Dora.

Carl Gordon's grandson tells me that at Carl's funeral, some relatives said that his name was originally Pickholz and that he went to the US from England in 1902 on the passport of a dead man, taking on his identity.  We have no other information.  This may be the same person as Jacob (see above).

Yitzhak Zvi Pickholz, born Tarnow.  One of our number met someone who said that was his great-grandfather.  No further information.

Isaac Pickholtz, age 23, appears in 1910 census in Brooklyn.  Could be the same as Yitzhak Zvi from Tarnow.

Thomas Pickholz appears in 1910 census in NY, age 30, immigrated 1907.

Sillie Pickholz appears in 1910 census as maid in Manhattan home of Jake and Yetta Madri.  Sillie immigrated 1908.  No age.  Probably same as Sarah/Soltche in LAOR.

Miriam Blumer Pickholz, remembered by one of our number as coming to live in Nahariyya in 1944.  No further information.

Rochel Pickholz, born about 1871, appears in immigration records as coming to NY in 1890 on Servia, from Liverpool. Listed in Hamburg database as coming from Radsimil Russia.  (May be Radomysl.)  We also have what appears to be her marriage record, to Solomon Brandt (age 35, born Russsia) on 2 Jan 1894.  This lists her parents as Max P and Ellen Rosenbaum.  Solomon Brandt may have died Feb 1915.

Lena/Lea Hecht is the wife of Wolf Hecht.  She died 1916 at age 54.  Births of three of her five children give her maiden name as 'Pikholz," but we have no clue who she is.  Her death certificate and children's US marriage records contradict her maiden name - and appear to say something like Kravitz. All US documents say she was born in Russia. Some similarities to Rochel Brandt above. (I have not entered descendants in my database, even though there are enough generations to make this an official family. I have also not entered any of this family elsewhere - such as the given names analysis.)

Moses Pikholz, born about 1872, appears in Hamburg database as leaving for NY via Liverpool in March 1891.  Listed as coming from Nemerow Russia.  Probably brother of Nellie Rochester - KCMO family.

Yanusha (Nusia) Pickholz, Boryslaw.  Left a 1937 childhood photo with her friend who is Shuki Ecker's aunt.
Very possibly part of Petah Tiqva family.

Mendel Pickholz of Rozdol appears in a prenumeraten list for a sefer published 1870.

Hayim Pikholz (45) and wife and children (Itsi 19, Yosi 17, Hayke 2) were killed in a pogom in Tetiev in 1919-20.  Tetiev is in Ukraine.  He may be a brother of Nellie Rochester - KCMO family.

Gedalie Pikholz is listed in the Hamburg database in 1907.  It gives his age as 1884/5.  Came from Kaczanowka so may be son of Moses Hersch and Frymcie.

Pinkas Pickholz - age 30 - appears in Argentine database, immigrating 20 December 1928. He sailed from Cherbourg on the Demerara and is listed as "agricultor."

Assumed Not To Be Ours - Possibly Gentiles

Dora Pekolt, born 28 Feb 1893 London UK, to Masha Pekolt and Ruchel Grukolt.  I am assuming this is not ours and have not listed them in Given Name pages.

Antonetta Josepha Pickholtz, born 23 February 1726 to Christopher Bernard Pickholtz, a German Catholic.

Fritz Pickholz appears in US passenger list database for 1864.

W.C. Pekholtz is a crewman on a ship arriving in NY 1918.

Matt. Pichkoltz age 55, appears in Courland tax base (1797-8), living in Kerklingen Latvia.

Wladyslaw Pickholz died UK in 1947 at age 38.  May be Gentile.

Irena S. Pickholz married Stanislaw P Stankiewicz in UK, 1954.  May be Gentile.

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