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Rozdol Birth Records
(family groupings here are "best guess")

Isaak Pikholz
        Keile, December 1829, house #29

Isak Pikholz, married Feige
        Pinkas,  21 July 1832, house #295
        Sara Rifka, July 1840, house #295   (see *** below)

Izig Bikholz, married Feyga
        Sara, 13 October 1840, house #295

Samuel Pikholz, married Sara
        Mordko, 13 July 1863, house #295  May be Thalenberg branch of RavJG family.

Aron Pikholz married Rosa Jozefsberg.  Son Jakob born 1875, Rozdol 295.  Roza died 1896 at age 60, so there are likely other children.  Or perhaps this Aron is Aron ben Pinchas and Rozsa is his second or third wife.

Markus Pickholz and his wife Blima Jupiener (daughter of Juda and Ryfka) had Matias (1901), Gittel (1902), Sara Lea (1904), Michal (1906), Aron (1908-08), Izrael (1910) in Mikolajow. Mechel and Izrael married sisters (Hirschenkaut/Birkenthal).

Jakob Wolf Pickholz and his wife Beile Hinda Lerner/Lehrer (daughter of Hersch Lerner/Lehrer and Liebe Goldman) had
Rijza (1901), Aron Leib (1901-03), Abraham Leib (1903-05) and Hersch (1904-05), Scheindel (1906-10), Chaim Isak (b. 1910) and Peretz (b. 1912). in Rozdol.

Feige Pikholz and Eizik Damm (or Lamm) had Itta Chane (b. 1870), Jacob (b. 1873) and Matel (b. 1861) who married Feiwel Bohrer in Budapest in 1907.
Matel died 5 Dec 1922.

Other Rozdol birth records have been recorded as part of families, on a "best guess" basis

Rozdol Census Records
Samuel Pikholz - living in house 19 in 1819 and in house 31 in 1826.  We assume this is the same person.
    (Pinkas Pikholz - in 1819 and 1826, with widow Szaindel, who may be his mother.)
    (Record for Jczk in 1826 is presumed to be someone we already have. Perhaps son of Pinkas.)

Rozdol Death Records
Rachel Pikholz - probably a spouse - died at age 68 in 1881.

Salomon Pikholz age 55, died in 1898. Parents are Szapse and Beile Hinde (not sure which is the Pikholz).  Home town Strzeliska Nowe.

Skalat Birth Records
Eisig (1830-1866?) and Sara had Dwojry who married Zalman Ochs/Perlmutter.  They had Feige (b-d 1877),
Josef Meir (1878-91), Jente (1881), Ruchel (1883), Sure Bassie (1886), Uszer (1889) and Isak (1893).

Fischel and wife Sara had Ette (1868), stillborn son (1879), Riwke (1882-86), Marjem, Sime (1879) and Golda.  Fiszel may be son of
Peretz and Perl of IRENE.  Marjem married Moses Chusyd and had seven children from 1890's.  Ette married Efroim Hecht, had Abraham Leib (1897), Samson (1899), Chane (1900-03), Leib (~1903), Samuel (1906-07) and a stillborn (1909). (Leib and Abraham Leib Hecht may be the same person.)
Golda marriad Abraham Kosser and had Fischel (1907), Sluwe (1909) and Chane Rivke. (1912) in Jezeirna. Sluwe married Hersch Froelich and had
Szyja (1933) and Feige (1935). Sime married Izchok Kumitz. Rywke Chusyd married David Isak Jurowoj. Dwojre Chusyd married Nachman Ellenberg..

David Samuel and Freude (Lincycz, ~1855-1930) had Golde (1878), Chanzie (1880) and Marjem.  Freude is from Horodnica - her mother is Chaje and her father is listed in one case as Beryc and the other as Jankel. See an analysis of the double name David Samuel Marjem married Schlojma Golinski and had Simon (1906) and Oziasz Heschel (1909). Golde may have married Abraham Kosser of Jezierna.
David Samuel died 30 October 1920 and Freude 12 November 1930.

Israel Pikholz and Ester Lyncyc had a stillborn child in 1901.  Ester's parents are different from those of Freude above and it is not clear where she is from. This may be Israel from Kaczanowka family, who died 1909 at age 35.

Feige Pikholz (daughter of Menahem and Ruchel Stoekel of Chortkow) had a daughter Mindje in Skalat in 1894.  I have no idea what Pikholz the father is.  Might be connected to Linczyz families above.

Leib and his wife Rachel (Qualer) had children Leiser Ber (1876), Moses Hersz (1877), Taube (1879-1880), Markus Leiser (1884) and Taube (1889).  They lived in Grimaylow and this may be Leib from the GRIMAYLOW family or from MATI. (Taube twice??) Leiser Ber and wife Maryam Gittel (Barasch of Zbarazh) had a daughter Reisel in 1903 and a son Max/Moshe in 1905.

Chajem Szaje Pikholz born 1887 to Sure Karmin and Jacob Pikholz.  Father's name not listed.

Jacob Pikholz and Riwke Leia Berman had Fradel-Taube (1902) and Meir Leib (1905-06) in Chmielisko.  Riwka Leia died 1907. Likely connected to RITA's family.

Rojse Pikholz married Leib Szwadron and had stillborn child in 1888.  No other information.

Hinde Weihrauch and Josef Pikholz. Son Moses, who died in 1900 before age three.  Son Berl (1899), married Berta/Boncia Bernstein (b. 1902, Tarnopol, daughter of Yosef and Malka HaKohen Bernstein), lived in Skalat.  Children Yosef, Moshe, Aharon - ages unknown -and son Nuta died in infancy 1928.  Submitted by Chaya Haikin, sister of Boncia and again by Chaya's daughter Malka Esh. Son Isak Josef (1902) of Hinde indicated that the father died 1902 and was actually Isak Josef, as is often found in ELIEZER family. Therefore this Josef may be the son of Berl and Devorah.

Berish BICK and what seems to be Chancie Taje Kaczor had Freude (1881), Nuchim Meier (1887) and others.  May be Pikholz.

Chaim Mordche PIK and Lea Schapiro had Taube (1878), Lewi (1881), Jenty (1884),  Jacob (1887) Freude (1890), Rose (1891), Ciwje (1896) and Sossie (1899).  May be Pikholz.

Skalat Death Records
(birth years are approximate, based on listed age at death)

Ginie, 1836-37 (Eizik and Genie both lived in house #61)
Eizik, 1842-45
Beile, 1781-1841
Itzik, 1833-41 - father was Nachman (Itzik, Pessie and Ciril all lived in house #132, so may be siblings) LAOR?
Pessie, 1837-40
Ciril, 1839-40
Berl, 1843-43 - father was Marcus
Lea Hudie, 1840-43 - father was Jehil
Riwe, 1773-1843
Leib, 1780-1844
Dwore Pikholz 1838-1861.
Chaje Pikholz 1822-1862.
Moses Hersch Pikholz 1842 - 29 Feb 1872.
Michel Pikholz, 1857-66 - father was Leibisch
Gabriel Pikholz, 1864-12 Sep 65 - father was Berisch (ROSA & ELIEZER?)
Getzel Pikholz ~1826- 27 Aug 1866 (RITA's family)
Mattel Pikholz, 1865-68 - father was Moses (may be TONKA.s family but seems to be too early.  Moses' m-i-l was Mattel.)
Josef Pykholz, 1868-68.
Moses Pikholz, 1869-69
Mayer Pikholz, 1871-72
Sossie Pikholz (girl), 1870-1872 - father listed in index as Srul, but since Muhlrad also appears this may be Moshe (from TONKA's family).
(also five others who we assume to be certain known people, but are in the database individually, pending identification.)

Maryem Pickholz had a stillborn son in 1915
Scheindel Pickholz had a stillborn daughter in 1916.

Salmen Pickholz died 1922 at age 32.
Sons of Leiser Pickholz - Markus Schyje died at age one in 1920, Szlome died 1929 at age 15.
Josef Pickholz died 1919 at age 47, may be son of Getzel LAOR

Other Skalat Records
Chane, born 1897
Sure, 1914-1941 - parents were Chantzi Pickholz and Moses Liebergall (may be related to TONKA)

Tarnopol Records
Abram Pickholz (32), his wife Welle (30) and daughters Esther (10) and Sara (7) were murdered in Borki on 9-20 March 1855. Son David (3) died a few days later. A son Chajem Moses had died three months earlier at age one month. Abram may be the son of Isak Josef.

Herman Pikholz, born 1844, married Freude, born 1842. According to 1910 Tarnopol census, both were born in Tarnopol.

Menie Beyle Pickholz died 10 Dec 1867 at age 26. She may be a Pickholz spouse rather than a descendant.

Marcus and Ruchel had a son Jankel Pikholz in 1854.  Henie Beyle, daughter of Marcus married Jacob Brum and they had Moses Samuel Brum in 1866. I am assuming this is the same couple.

Jozef Pikholz, age 25, died 1900. Lived in Mikulince.

Tarnopol Residents Records show Sura Dina Pickholz born 1884 to Abraham Pickholz and Beila Penczer, married to Abrun Mojsze Sygall. Children are Cyrla Cyla (1913), Bernard Berl (1920), Marjam Marja (1921) and Breina Golda (1925).

Death records for unidentified Pikholz children Samuel 1848, Perl 1850, Gabriel 1850, Moses 1852, Samuel 1852.

Mellyl (=Ludmilla?) Lea born 1924.  Nothing further

Pesie Pickholz, age 8 months died in Kozowka 8 Jul 1906. Older brother Hersch died 1937 at age 40.Borther Szimon died 1909 at age twelve days.
Parents are Izak Buchbinder and Riwke Pikholz. Parents of Riwke are  Izrael and Brana of Kozowka. Almost certainly. LAOR.

Taube Pikholz, age seven, died in Kozowka 26 Oct 1906. Parents are Szymon and Sara, though it is not clear which of them is the Pikholz. Probably LAOR.
Rywka Pikholz, daughter of Szymon and Lea of Skalat, had a son Szymon 12 Dec 1909 in Kozowka. Probably LAOR.
It is quite possible that one or both of these already appears in LAOR.

Skalat death for Moshe Hersch Pickholz in 1918 at age 74. I think this is the one we have as born 1834,

Stryj Records (some or all of these may be children of Hersch and Liebe)
Chawa born to Kalman Pickholz and Libe Mandel, 16 Nov 1887, Hendel died 20 Dec 1886 at age five months, Chawa born 1887 and Szerka born 11 Aug 1891. This is almost certainly Kalman the son of Isak and Feige (IF4), with a second wife. Chawa married Sanmeul Markus Teichman and had Jente Lea in 1908,
Chana Ruchla born to Ity Pikholz in 1898, recorded in 1931.
Samuel Leiser born to Ite Pickholz, 1901.
Lybe born and died 1904.  Parents are Ryfke Pikholz of Rozdol and Solomon Holzer.

Drohobycz Deaths (these seem to be children of Yitzhak David and Chana Serke)
Elio Pikholz, died 1868 at eleven days
Benjamin Pikholz. died 1872 at one year
Bendet Pikholz, died 1875 at four months

We have two 1906 death records for children 3 and two years old. In both cases, the father is Josef Pickholz of Holansk, but the mothers are different - one is Freida Herschdorfer and one is Cirl Magier. because of the small town, I am assuming this is the same Josef. We don't have a clue who he is.

Feige Pikholz (perhaps daughter of Rav JG) from Lysiec appears in 1931 Skole marriage record of daughter Beile. Husband is Zizse Wander. Beile married Mendel, son of Bruche Teichberg and Mejer Jackel.

Ettie Pickholz age 22 died in Lwow in 1895. She was born in Mikolayev. Never married.

Mojzesz Hirsz born in Lwow, 15 October 1911, to Israel Juda Distel or Birmann and Ettel Mandelberg, daughter of Nachum Pikholz and Jochewed Mandelberg (of Bobrka). This could be someone from the east family or the west family.

Vienna Records
(based on summary, not on documents themselves)

We have a birth record for Sofie and Katharina, born 19 October 1903 to Reisel Pikholz.  Both girls died.  We don't know who Reisel is or who the father is. Reisel may have "left the community" 1910.

Kharkov Records
Yankel ben Abram and his wife Rysia Ryvka had a son Abram Isak 1881-1882 and a daughter Khana Yenta (b. 1883).
Khana Reyzya had a daughter Yenta (b. 1883).
Leya bat Shmerko died 1899.
Basya bat Borokh died 1902.

(donors in Galicia to Kollel Galicia in Jerusalem, who are otherwise unknown to us)
Hersch ben Pinchas (may be son of Pinchas ben Hersch Leib)
Yenta (widow of Pickholz?)
David (possibly same as Dawid ben Avraham, born 1862 - see above)
        Avraham ben David (likely son of this David, especially since he may be named after grandfather Avraham)
        Also see Dawid Pickholz and Tauba Gitla Muhlrad in Rozdol birth records above.  Likely the same family.
Hersch ben Shemuel (may be Samuel born 1862 - above)

Abba, appears as a donor in most years

Others Listed in Kollel Galicia Records
Avraham appears most years in Drohobych donor list.  He is probably from the RavJG family. Ester and Leib appear in Mikolayev - as does Zeev from Trostinez.  Ester may be a spouse, but probably not of one of these three men.
Michel Pikholz appears in Bukaczowce.
Binyamin appears in Mostisko.

Other Birth, Marriage and Death Records
Moshe Hersch Zellermeier, age 48, son of Isak Eliasz Zellermeier and Chaje Zirl Pikholz, married Teme Somerstein age 50 in 1896.  Most likely a late marriage.  Zbarazh marriage records.  Moshe Hersch had a daughter who married Isak Pickholz of the Eliezer family. A sister of Moshe Hersch is Szeina Roza who married Izrael Aszkenazy and thay had Isaac Elias (1892) and Chaje Zirl (1894).

Lazar and Ester Gittel Pikholz of Tarnoruda had a daughter Dine who married Samuel Leiser Klein, who married Chana Pfeffer/Sommer.  They had a son Lazar 6 July 1897 in Koszlaki, followed by sons Aron Hersch (1908) and Jezaias (1910).  The only others we have in Tarnoruda are in LAOR, so these may be as well.  Or perhaps parents of Lazar or Ester Gittel are Peretz and Perl.  Assumption here is that Lazar is Elazar rather than Eliezer, since Samuel Klein is Leiser. One birth record mentions Klimkowce, but that may refer to the Kleins. These birth record is from Zbarazh.

Chaya Basie Pikholz married Schaje Wolf Jorysz,
        Abraham Jorysz (~1899), Moses Hirsch (1901) , Podwoloczyska, Scheindel (1904) Tarnoruda, Ester Reisie (1909) Podwoloczysk.  Scheindel married Wigdor Waldhuter and Ester Reisie married Ojzer Schwarz.
Chaya Basie's parents are Josef and Fradel Taube.  This is almost surely part of LAOR.

We have a 1896 Podwoloczysk marriage record for Ester Golde Pikholz (b. 1864) and Wolf Feldman. This woman's parents are named as Gabrial and Breine from Husiatyn, which sounds very much like the Husiatyn family (LAOR). However she was born twelve years after that Gabriel died and the wife is wrong, so I am leaving her unattached.

We have a Czernovitz death record for one year old Klara Pikholz in 1901. Mother is Roza.

Fayga-Mindel born to Pinie, daughter of Pinkas and Ester Pikholz, and Leisor Apfeldorf in Medenice in 1895.  Also Serke (1898), Samuel (1901), David (1904), Hersch (1908) and Chaim Jone (1910-1913).  We don't know anything about them except that Hersch shows up later in Drohobycz.  Pinkas is probably the son of Dawid and Serke of IF4. Pinkas' wife Ester may be an Apfeldorf.

Avraham Pickholz and his wife Lea Gelbling (b. 1882) had daughters Hinde Feige (1906) and Sara Ryfka (1910) in Drohobycz in 1906, a son Nachman (1911-1911).

Roncie Pickholz, age 20, daughter of Uscher Halpern died in Skole (1885).  She is likely a Pikholz spouse.

Marjem, born to Abraham Pickholz and Reizel Wachsel, 6 Jan 1895 in Truchanow.

Salomon born to Isaak Pickholz and Race Hausman, 10 Sep 1898 in Skole.  Izaak may be this or this or both (or neither).  Of particular interest is that Salomon (Lerner) Pickholz died in March 1898, only a few months before this Salomon was born. On the other hand, Race's mother's father was Schloma Bruck, so that may account for the name Salomon here. Gicie Ester born to the same couple 15 May 1906 in Skole. This may be the Isak Pickholz who died in Skole in 1921 at age 52.

Laia Pecholc, daughter of Icek and Sura, Sura's father listed as Abow, married Jakub Elefand son of Mordka and Sura (Chaimow) in 1883 Warsaw. Jakub appears to be Jakob Hersch, born 1845.

Israel Grigorevich (probably son of Hirsch) from Lugansk in the Duma rolls for 1906.

Avraham ben Yaakov Pikgoltz and wife Elya buried three children in Mogilev-Podolsk in 1846: Naftali Hertz (age unknown), Yosef (2), Kreyna (3). May be connected to KCMO family.
Alos Zisel ben Moshe age 53 in 1846. Not likely ours.

Yeshaya ben Avraham Pikgoltz died in Kaminetz-Podolsk 1885 at age 1.

Elya ben Mayer Pik died in Trotyanets in 1875 at age 46. Likely not ours.

Fishel Pishkoltz ben Reuven listed in 1825 prenumeraten list, living in Krula Hungary.  This is probably not ours.

Etel Anna Pickholz and M. Lea Pickholz are on a list of gymnasium students in Munkacz 1940/41.  I assume they are sisters. Etel was born 1926 in Munkacz.
A man named Felix Pickholz was a witness at a 1920 marriage in Svalyava, not far from Munkacz. (The marriage was Roth-Stern.) We have no idea who he is but the time and place make it likely that he had something to do with the two girls above.

Chaim Shemuel Pick and wife Perl Kiwetz had children and grandchildren in Zbarazh.  We don't know if they are Pikholz or not.  Thus far we are not listing in most web pages.

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