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This family was previously known as "SR/Nachman" after the most senior members.  We have now learned definitively that this SaraRivka was the daughter of Yitzhak and Feige, however there is the possibility that there are two such couples and several known people descended from them.  We have therefore decided to call these families "IF1," IF2" etc until this situation is clarified.  Click for details.

Family structure and yahrzeit and burial information

  Generation 1 Generation 2 Generation 3 Gen.4 Gen.5 Gen.6 Gen.7 Gen8
But there seem to be two couples who fit this description

Almost certainly more siblings.


Rozdol family


married Salomon/Zalman 
who was a Kohen.  His surname was Lerner, but children were Pickholz. 

Salomon is listed as Pikholz in his death record.

May have died 1909.

Lived in Rozdol Beile (Hinde)
b. 1860
m. (Jakob) Wolf Szachter Aron Joel b. 1881
Sima 1883-1965
Izak b/d1886
Sara Hencie b.~1900
Feige Minke Born Jun 1863
Ester Jitta Born Feb. 1866, died Dec. 1918.

Married Avraham Pickholz (see IF1 family)

Sherka 9-10 killed or lost in Shoah
Feige Minke 1891-92
Golde b. 1893
Beile Hinde 1895-96
HerschLeib At least 6. 4 killed in Shoah
Israel Ber  
Brana 1899-1900
Schlojme Salamon 1901-02
Yitzhak b. 1903
TWIN (died)
Tauba 1906-07
Dawid Moses b. 1908
Schabsa 1868-1883
Born 1871
May be this or this or both (or neither)
Chaya born 1873

married cousin Aryeh Leib (see below).
Lived in Stryj.

Hinde m. Chaim Avraham Leiter 4 killed in Shoah
Feige - killed in Shoah
Cipora 1 killed in Shoah
Beile 1907-07
Shelomo Zalman 1 killed in Shoah
Sara Rivka - killed in Shoah
Miryam - killed in Shoah
Elias Wolf 
b. 1876
d. late 1920's

Lived in Trosianiec

Gittel Muhlrad
(two wives are probably the same person)
Mordecai - killed in Shoah, with children
Moshe b. 1902
m. Regina Bergstreit
Gittel Freundlich Feige Minke b. 1904
Taube born 1879
NACHMAN, married Hinde Segulim

Nachman is probably the youngest of all the supposed children of Izak, but perhaps from a different mother - Taube.

See the full puzzle.

Lived in Mikolayev and Rozdol Feige born 1858
Sprince born 1862
Iacov Iosel born 1863

Wife Sara was also Pikholz.  Parents are Pinkas and Cypre, but we don't know who they are.

Lived in Boryslaw.

Killed resisting Nazis.

Pinkas b. 1883 m. Nechume Marjem Hleinfeld Sosia b. 1913
Aron Leib 1885-85
(David) Shemuel - 1889-1966 buried Netanya.

m. Lea Lauterbach (three children), Mina Kett and Amalia.

See an analysis of the double name David Samuel.

Israel b.1920 - father thought he was seen in 1950.
Reisel b. 1922
Matis b. 1926
Israel Joel b. 1886
Nachman 1891-91
Hinde 1892-93
Avraham b. 1894 - killed in Shoah 3 - two killed in Shoah
Leib 1895-98
Zudik 1899-99
Zalman b. 1900- killed in Shoah 3 - one killed in Shoah
Aryeh see Chaya above
m. Sara (Perl?) Huber
Nachman b. 1901 - killed in Shoah
Chaje 1903-03
Marcus b. 1904 - killed in Shoah
m. Bessie
Lived in NY from 1923.
born 1878, 
Mikolayev. Lived in Rozdol.
Married Sarah Halperin.
Killed in the Shoah.
Freida Shoah
Esther - killed in Shoah
Mendel - killed in Shoah
Nahum - killed in Shoah
Liba - killed in Shoah
Fruma - killed in Shoah
Shelomo - killed in Shoah

(If two descendants marry one another, both appear both as descendants and as spouses.)

 Generation 1
 Generation 2
 Generation 3
 Generation 4
 Generation 5
 Generation 6
 Generation 7
 Generation 8

This list includes people for whom we know the yahrzeit or the cemetery.

Name Birth Surname
(if different)
Hebrew Names K/
Yahrzeit Cemetery Life Span
Person Father Mother
Sima Weiss Schechter Sima Zev (Yaakov) Beile (Hinde) L 29 Sheval 5725 Mt Zion, Maspeth 1883-1965
Kasiel Weiss   Yekutiel Binyamin     27 Adar 5702 Mt Zion, Maspeth ~1883-1942
Salomon Weiss   Shelomo Zalman Yitzhak Yekutiel Sima   22 Teveth 5784 Har HaZeitim         -1983
Cecelia Weiss Goldman Shayna Tzviyya         Beth David, Elmont  
Samuel Weiss   Shemaya Avraham Yekutiel Sima   15 Teveth 5784 Beth David, Elmont 1922-2023
Beile Pickholz   Beile Aryeh Chaja   27-28 Nisan 5667   1907-1907
Esther Yitta Pickholz Pickholz Esther Yitta Zalman Sara Rivka K 1 Teveth 5679   1866-1918
Ester Pickholz   Esther (Yitta?) Hersch Leib Freda   30 Tiushrei-1 Heshvan 5687    1922-1926
Luzer Pickholz     Hersch Leib Freda   14-15 Tishrei 5687   1925-1926
Yitzhak Pickholz   Yitzhak Avraham Esther Yitta   15 Teveth 5741 Holon 1903-1980
Hela Pickholz Apfelschnit Chana Moshe  Mina   21 Iyyar 5741  Holon 1904-1981
Binyamin Ilan Pickholz Binyamin Yehudah Yitzhak Chana   16 Tammuz 5766 Hayarkon 1931-2006
Sarah Dinah Ilan Cohen  Sarah Dinah David Malka Udel 10 Adar 5759  Hayarkon 1935-1999
Esther Solomon Pickholz Esther Yehudit Yitzhak Chana   14 Nisan 5777 Hayarkon 1945-2017
Schabsa Pickholz   Shabtai Zalman  Sara Rivka  K 24-25 Shevat 5643   1868-1883
Solomon Pickholz   Shelomo Zalman Aryeh Leib Chaje   28 Kislev 5748 Holon 1908-1988
Dora Pickholz Hauser Devorah HerschPinkas Chaye Lea    1 Kislev 5757 Holon 1920-1997
Izak Pickholz   Yitzhak Aryeh Leib Chaje   10 Heshvan 5764 N.Montefiore, PinelawnNY 1918-2003
Rochelle Pickholz Weisman Rachel  Yehudah Izak  Lea   18 Kislev 5755 N.Montefiore, PinelawnNY 1924-1994
Shemuel Pickholz   David Shemuel Yitzhak Sarah   20 Sivan 5726 Vatikin, Netanya 1889?-1966
Mirel Pickholz Kett Mirel Shemuel Kreindel   20 Tishrei 5717 Vatikin, Netanya 1888-1956
Amalia Pickholz   ? Amalia Aharon      22 Elul 5727 Vatikin, Netanya         -1967
Hersch Pickholz   Zvi Nachman Hinde   25 Iyyar 5715 Beth David, Elmont NY 1873-1955
Bessie Pickholz   ? Chaya Bashe Zeev Wolf     30 Kislev 5707 Beth David, Elmont NY ~1884-1946
Rachel Pickholz Fatt Rachel       2 Sivan 5759 Zur Shalom 1925-1999
Sender Pickholz   Sender Avraham Sosha   21 Tishrei 5774 Sede Yehoshua 1921-2014
Rina Pickholz Hasson Rina Menahem Shelomit   3 Teveth 5778 Sede Yehoshua 1923-2017
Abram Pickholz   Avraham Sender Rachel   1 Shevat 5768 Zur Shalom 1946-2008
Rachel Aloni Borkovsky         14-15 Tishrei 5776 Zur Shalom 1944-2015

If the name has a yellow background, there is a Page of Testimony at Yad VaShem
A darker yellow background means the person is mentioned on someone else's Page of Testimony.
If the information in the "Killed" column has a  grey background,  the person was in military service.
Rzeszow Avraham Pickholz M 1894 Yitzhak Pickholz Sarah Ester Malka Siegel   
Rzeszow Ester Malka Siegel F 1892 Nuchim Siegel Rachela Sternlicht Avraham Pickholz  
Rzeszow Benzion Pickholz M 1924 Avraham Pickholz Ester Malka Siegel     
Rzeszow Libe Pickholz F ~1926 Avraham Pickholz Ester Malka Siegel     
Rozdol Avraham Pickholz M 4 Aug 1878 Nachman Pickholz Hinde Segulim Sarah (Susha) Halperin  
Rozdol Sarah (Susha) Halperin F       Avraham Pickholz  
Rozdol Freida Pickholz F   Avraham Pickholz Sarah (Susha) Halperin Shemuel Case  
Rozdol Esther Pickholz F   Avraham Pickholz Sarah (Susha) Halperin    
Rozdol Mendel Pickholz M   Avraham Pickholz Sarah (Susha) Halperin    
Rozdol Nahum Pickholz M   Avraham Pickholz Sarah (Susha) Halperin    
Rozdol Liba Pickholz F   Avraham Pickholz Sarah (Susha) Halperin    
Rozdol Fruma Pickholz F   Avraham Pickholz Sarah (Susha) Halperin    
Rozdol Shelomo Pickholz M   Avraham Pickholz Sarah (Susha) Halperin    
Rozdol Shemuel Case M       Freida Pickholz  
Rzeszow Zalman Pickholz M 1900 Yitzhak Pickholz Sarah Pickholz Hena Noidel 1943 Belzec
Rzeszow Hena Nadel F 1901 Efroim Nadel Ryfke Gottlieb  Zalman Pickholz 1943
Rzeszow Devorah Pickholz F 1927 Zalman Pickholz Hena Nadel   1943 Belzec
Rohatyn Regina Bergstreit F 1916 Markus Bergstreit Etti Horowitz Moshe Pickholz 1943 Rohatyn
Stryj Aryeh (Leibish) Pickholz M ~1870 Nachman Pickholz Hinde Segulim Chaja Pickholz  
Stryj Chaja Pickholz F 7 Sep 1873 Salomon Lerner Sarah Rivka Pickholz Aryeh (Leibish) Pickholz  
Stryj Hinde Pickholz F   Aryeh (Leibish) Pickholz Chaja Pickholz Chaim Avraham Leiter  
Stryj Feiga Pickholz F   Aryeh (Leibish) Pickholz Chaja Pickholz Copel Gajer  
Stryj Cipora Pickholz F   Aryeh (Leibish) Pickholz Chaja Pickholz Shije Zilber  
Stryj Sara Rivka Pickholz F   Aryeh (Leibish) Pickholz Chaja Pickholz    
Stryj Miryam Pickholz F   Aryeh (Leibish) Pickholz Chaja Pickholz    
Stryj Nathan Pickholz M 3 Dec 1901 Hersh Pickholtz Sara Huber    
Stryj Copel Gajer M       Feiga Pickholz  
Stryj Shije Zilber M       Cipora Pickholz  
Stryj Ruth Zilber F   Shije Zilber Cipora Pickholz    
Stryj Chaim Avraham Leiter M 9 Nov 1899 Samuel Leib Leiter  Rachel Pickholz  Hinde Pickholz  
Stryj Isak Leiter M 1923 Avraham Leiter Hinde Pickholz    
Stryj Sarah Rivka Leiter F ~1925 Avraham Leiter Hinde Pickholz    
Stryj Chava Leiter F 1928 Avraham Leiter Hinde Pickholz    
Stryj Hersh Leiter M ~1930 Avraham Leiter Hinde Pickholz    
Stryj Cyla F       Solomon Pickholz  
Stryj Sarah Pickholz F 1937 Solomon Pickholz Cyla   1942 Belzec
Stryj Markus Pickholz M 20  Jul 1904 Hersh Pickholtz Sara Huber    
Stryj Wife F       Nathan Pickholz  
?? Israel Ber Pickholz? M   Avraham Pickholz Esther Yitta Pickholz    
?? Serka Pickholz F 2 Aug 1889 Avraham Pickholz Esther Yitta Pickholz    
?? Husband M       Serka Pickholz  
?? Esther Yitta F ~1919   Serka Pickholz    
?? Child ?     Serka Pickholz    
?? Child F     Serka Pickholz    
?? Child Pickholz ?     Serka Pickholz    
?? Child ?     Serka Pickholz    
?? Child ?     Serka Pickholz    
?? Child ?     Serka Pickholz    
Rohatyn Hersch Leib Pickholz M (1903 or) 1894 Avraham Pickholz Esther Yitta Pickholz Freda Hadar 1942
Rohatyn Freda Hadar F 1897 Elazar Hadar Chana Hersch Leib Pickholtz  
Rohatyn Donia Pickholz ? ~1930 Hersch Leib Pickholz Freda Hadar   1942
Rohatyn Uzo Pickholz M ~1932 Hersch Leib Pickholz Freda Hadar   1942
Rohatyn Yehudah Pickholz M ~1926 Hersch Leib Pickholz Freda Hadar    
Rohatyn Hensha Pickholz F ~1929 Hersch Leib Pickholz Freda Hadar    
Rozdol? Golda Pickholz F 16 Oct 1893 Avraham Pickholz Esther Yitta Pickholz    

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