A brief analysis of the Pikholz descendants with this double name
and the relationships among them
Those with the last name Pikholz are in green
R  O  Z  D  O  L   a n d   v i c i n i t y
These families and others are assumed to be descendants of Pinchas and Sara Rivka
before 1820 Dawid Samuel (ben Pinchas?) m. Gitel KRAUT  [1]  [2] Aron ben Pinchas ~1818-1883 m. Chaje and maybe other(s). His father is named on his death record. Yitzhak (ben Pinchas?)
1830's Hersch b. 1835 Rozdol m. Libe Freida Taub Pinkas b. 1832 d. 1899-1904 Rozdol m. Rachel Borek DS b.~1838, d. Boryslaw 1887 m. Sara Thalenberg     [4]
1840-50's Nachman 1842?-1891? m. Hinde Segullim Kopel m. Ester Rosenstrauch David Samuel ~1852-1920 [10]
m. Freude Lynczycz from Horodnica
1860's DS b.1861 Stryj, d. 1937  DS b.1860 Rozdol, lived in Stryj with second wife, d.1932-33   [3] Schaje b.1865 Boryslaw m. Chana Nachfolger Yitzhak, lived in Boryslaw, killed in Shoah m. Sarah bat Pinkas
1870's Avraham b. ~1872 m. Ester Blume Halpern Iszak b.1877 Boryslaw, d.1941 Budapest m. Feige Silber David Samuel 1872-1874 Skalat   [9]
1880's Rifka Ruchel m. Benzion Flam or Kornhausler (David) Samuel b. 1889 Boryslaw, d. 1966 Netanya   [7]
after  1890 DS 1895-1900 Boryslaw   [5] DS b. Skole 1905. No further info. DS Tallenberg 
b. 1905 Budapest, d. 1938 Spain   [6]
DS b. 1906 Boryslaw. No further info. DS 1892-97 Zydachow   [8]

[1] We assume that he is the brother of Aron ben Pinchas.  We may wonder if he died soon after Hersch was born and that Aron named his son - [4] - after him, or if both [1] and [4] are named for the same person.  If that is the case, perhaps David Samuel was the name of the father of Sara Rivka (the mother of Aron, Yitzhak and Dawid Samuel).
[2] It is also worth noting that there is a Samuel listed in the censuses of 1819 and 1826.  Perhaps this is the same person as [1].
[3]  He is called "Samuel" in his birth record., but "David" on Hersch's birth record.
[4]  Frequently referred to as "Samuel."
[5]-[6]  Both of these first cousins are their fathers' first sons and are named after their grandfather. We have no idea when he died - perhaps when his sons are young, especially since we see no other children.
[7]  Born shortly after the death of [4] and probably named for him.  On his father's side, [4] is not closer than a first cousin of his grandfather, but he may be closer on his mother's side.  The Pikholz paternal grandparents of the mother of [7] are not known.  It may also be that [7] was named for [4] because both families lived in Boryslaw and were closer than their family relationship would indicate. 
Note that we know [7] to be "David Samuel" only from his birth record.  In all other references, including his tombstone, he is called "Samuel," similar to [4].
[8]  I haven't any idea who this is other than that his parents are Pinkas P and Esther Newman.  I don't know how they connect to anyone else.  It is worth noting that he was born soon after the death of [4] and probably named for him.  Whether he was a descendant or not, I don't know.
[9]-[10]  I do not assume that these two Skalaters are connected to the ones from Rozdol - nor even that they are connected to each other.  We know of no David or Samuel from Skalat before these two.

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