Buried in Holon Cemetery

Here lies buried
An honest man, at one with his G-d

Our teacher  R' YITZHAK
ben Our teacher R' Avraham
ILAN (Pickholz)
A long-time Chortakov Hassid

Taken with his reputation intact
On 15 Teveth 5741
Seventy-seven years old
TNZB"H (May his soul be bound in life)

In memory of the souls of
Father: Our Teacher R' Avraham (may G-d avenge him)
son of our teacher R' Israel
His Son: Yehudah Hersch (may G-d avenge him)
His Daughter: Sherka (may G-d avenge her)
His Daughter Golda may G-d avenge her)
and their families (may G-d avenge them)
Who were killed in G-d's name in the Holocaust
TNZB"H (May their souls be bound in life)

Husband of Chana Pickholz
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