"Western" Families
(For purposes of identification, each family has been assigned a "reference name"
based on a prominent ancestor, a prominent researcher or a town.
I hope that my choices do not offend anyone.     IP)

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Year Born Second
Generations/ Descendants
Overlapping Families Remarks
Rav JG Pinchas 1775 IsraelYoel, Aron Rozdol Lysiec, Stryj, Argentina, now US &  Israel
10            879
IF2  * Izak & Feige 1815 Nachman, SaraRivka Rozdol Stryj, now mostly Israel
8           228
IF1 SaraRivka was married to a Kohen (Lerner)
IF1  * Hersch Leib ben Izak & Feige 1835 Pinchas, Avraham, Shemuel, Solomon & daughters Rozdol Stryj, US, Israel, S.Africa, Argentina,France
7          282
IF2, IF4. Mensch?  
IF4  * David ben Isak & Feige ~1823 ScheindlPesche, Yitzhak, Kalman, Pinkas, Samuel Rozdol US and Argentina
8            231
Petah-Tiqva Pinchas (m. Feige Nestel) Israel, Moshe,
Rozdol? Now mostly in Israel
6             48
Connected to  IF2?
Dina Dawid Samuel 1805 Pinchas, Hersch Rozdol-
In Israel
8            292
Rav JG
IF3  * Abraham ben Izak & Feige Minke ~1826 Nachim, Israel, Hinde, Dawid, Moses, RifkaBrana Rozdol Few known.  Israel, Belgium USA
6             77
Brezdowitz Yitzhak 1855 Abraham,Sam, Molly, 2 more Brezdowitz US
6           105
May be close to Mensch
Mensch Ahron or Gittel 1840 Sara Rivka, Ite Galina? Lwow, Petah Tiqva
7           62
IF1? May be close to Brezdowitz

* We have at least four families headed by a couple named Izak & Feige, but since there is a possibility that there are two such couples, we are not combining these families yet.  In addition to the families IF1, IF2, IF3 and IF4, it is likely that the families Yitzhak and Brezdowitz are part of this same complex.  Pinchas/Rachel may be part of this, but are more likely part of Dina.

The year that the oldest ancestor was born is intended for purposes of perspective.
If it appears in black, the year is known from documents.
If it is in green, the year is approximate, based on documents or testimony.
If it is in orange, the year is an estimate, based on ages of spouse and children.

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