Those Who Took Their Families From Europe Before WWII
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If I were writing up the Pikholz Project as a book, I think it would be dedicated to three groups - those killed in the Holocaust, those who fell defending the Jews in Israel and those who took the initiative to move themselves and their families from Europe before the Holocaust.  (Perhaps later, I shall add a fourth group - Holocaust survivors.) The first two groups are listed in other places in this website.  This page is dedicated to the third-mentioned group - the ones who are responsible for the physical survival of most of us living today.  The listing is in chronological order, as best I can, and lists the first head of each family or unaccompanied young people.  As usual, I would be pleased to receive additional information.

This list does not include anyone whom we know went back to Europe and stayed there.  For anyone whom we have lost track of after arrival, the destination is in italics.  We have a separate list of those who received citizenship from the British Mandatory Government.

Many of the ship names have links which lead to the passenger lists for that family.
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Head of Family Other Family Members Town of Residence Destination Date of Arrival Ship Name Family Comments
Rochel Pickholz   Radsimil Russia? ??? 4 Aug 1890 Servia   No idea who this is
Berisch Pickholtz with Bernsteins Skalat Philadelphia 9 May 1890 Russia Steve Ship to Baltimore
Ettel Madansky with two children Skalat Iowa 13 Sep 1890 Suevia Mati Husband came earlier
Rebecca Pikholz not yet married Skalat New York 14 Apr 1891 Anchoria Dora? I think this is Rifka who married Max Rosenbaum.
Dora Pikholz these two travelled together Skalat   22 Sep 1891 Dubbledam Dora Marenus
Sara Frankel Skalat   Pittsburgh  
Chana and Max Pikholz These two are mother and son Skalat New York 30 Jun 1892 Spaarndam Dora Mother and brother of Dora
Minna Pickholz   Skalat Nebraska  12 May 1893 Dania Mati Married Harry Kaplan and lived later in California
Nachman Pikholz We have 1900 passenger list for wife and children. Skalat New York ~1897 ??? Laor  
Asriel Chaim Schapira not yet married Skalat New York ~Oct 1899 Noordland Mati He has written 1898.
Max Pickholz wife Buna and daughter Chane Brooklyn NY "home" 5 Jan 1900 Noordland   May belong to DORA.
Dora Pfeffer   Kopycienice Brooklyn 26 Sep 1900 Spaarndam Dora  
Perez Pikholz not yet married Skalat Brooklyn 3 Jun 1902 Moltke Irene Later known as Barney
Bendit Pickholz Wife and two children Stryj? New York 5 Aug 1902 Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse RavJG  
Rubin Rackister Wife came to NY with four children in 1904. Odessa Philadelphia 1 Mar 1903 Switzerland KCMO  
Hersch Pickholz Travelled with one son. Three children went earlier, two via NY, three later with wife via Montreal. Zalosce, but went from Jezeriany Pittsburgh 9 July 1903 Cassel Pittsburgh Landed in Baltimore
Dora Brumer With two children.  Husband came earlier. Podwoloczysk New York 17 Nov 1903 Statendam Eliezer  
Ascher Pikholz not married Budanov New York 10 Dec 1903 Graf Waldersee Mati Lived in Newark NJ (Harry)
Isaak Pickholz married, travelling alone Stryj? Brooklyn 25 Jul 1905 Zeeland see his story and identification possibilities here
Schneur Pickholz not yet married Budanov Newark 6 Jan 1906 Bulgaria Mati Lived in Erie PA (Sam)
Peretz Scharf Wife and son came a year later Kozar New York 20 Aug 1906 Ryndam Irene  
Sure Pickholz not yet married Mikulince New York 6 Sep 1907 Cedric Rita EI database says "Lure"
Nuchim Berman Wife and children came later Skalat/Stanislawow Cleveland 31 Oct 1907 Friedrich de Grosse Irene  
Moses (Hersch) Pickholz not yet married Tarnoruda New York 3 Nov 1907 Blucher Rita  
Abraham Pikholz not yet married Brezdowicz New York 23 Nov 1907 Kaiser Augusta Victoria Brezdowicz Left before WWI and returned later
Roza Pikholz not yet married Skalat New York 28 Nov 1907 President Lincoln Irene Married Samuel Greenberg
Libe Pikholz   Grimaylow New York 2 Jun 1908 Finland Israel  
Salomon Pikholz wife Sophie came in 1921 with sister Clara Figur Proszoma New York 8 Jan 1909 Batavia Rita  
Yosef Frankel wife and children came after WWI Skalat new York 4 Jul 1909 Volturne Eliezer & Rosa Yosef was rejected on this entry.  I cannot find the actual entry.
Kassiel Weiss Wife Sima and son Salomon came later Brezdowicz New York 18 Feb 1910 Pennsylvania IF2  
Eisig Grunspan Wife Henie came later Tarnoruda New York 26 Jul 1910 Noordam Rita  
Eliezer Pikholz not yet married Vienna Jaffa? 1910-1   Eliezer much later became Haniel
Leike Pikholz   Grimaylow New York 5 Jul 1911 Potsdam Israel  
Rosa Pickholz cousin Bertha Silberman Vienna New York 24 Jul 1911 Noordam Irene Came again on Orduna in 1923
Yetti Schapira not yet married Skalat New York 24 Dec 1911 Cecilie Mati  
Izak Segal Wife and two sons came on Susquehanna in 1920  Brezdowicz New York 6 Nov 1912? Amerika Brezdowicz  
Lazer Degen Wife and children came in 1921 on Ryndam Janow New York 16 Jul 1913 Imperator Eliezer  
Simon Figur Wife and daughter came later. Proszoma New York 22 Jul 1913 Ryndam Rita  
Abraham Pickholz One daughter in 1914,  Wife and others in 1920. Brezdowicz New York 26 Jul 1913 Kaiser Augusta Victoria IF4  
Amalia Schapiro Son Stryj New York 5 Aug 1913 Zeeland IF3 These two are sisters
Rachla Kostman   Stryj New York 5 Aug 1913 Zeeland IF3
Aron Lax Wife and two children came later Lwow Philadelphia 25 Dec 1913 Brandenberg RavJG  
Gusta Pickholtz Minor, with mother and step-father Vienna Toronto 12 Dec 1920 Scotian Pinchas/Rachel  
Beresz Pickholz Wife and four children came on Zeeland in 1924 Stryj New York 13 Dec 1920 Canada IF1 & IF4  
Minnie Pickholz With daughter Ethel Budanow New York 19 Jan 1921 Rotterdam Mati  sons Ascher and Schneur came earlier
Solomon Pickholz   Budapest New York 24 Mar 1921 Finland IF1 Had been in US before WWI but returned to Europe
Zvi Pickholz Wife Sarah came at the same time, I think. Buczcaz Tel-Aviv 1922?   Buczacz  
Wolf Leib Pickholz not married Vienna New York 6 Jul 1923 Resolute Dora  
Hersch Pickholz Wife came in 1929.  Adult children stayed behind Stryj New York 12 Dec 1923 Zeeland IF2 Previously entered US in 1910.
Rebecca Fenster Pickholz (widow of Samuel Pickholz) with three sons (Abraham and Hersch Leib documented.) Strzeliska Nowe? Buenos Aires 1920's   IF1 Son Hersch Leib arrived Dec 1928 later went to South Africa
Eliezer Pickholz Not yet married Kolomiyya Tel-Aviv 1924   Eliezer  
Basie Pikholz Not yet married Tarnoruda New York 12 Jul 1927 Arabic Rita  
Rebecca Rappaport Parents came about 1927.  Three older children earlier, one 1929. Stryj? Philadelphia 1928 George Washington RavJG We have manifest only for youngest, Sarah.
Pinkas Pickholz no idea who this is   Buenos Aires 20 Dec 1928 Demerara    
Ernst Pickholz Wife Vienna Haifa 10 Jul 1929   IF4  
Efraim Marcos Pickholz ? Rozdol? Buenos Aires 1932?   Pinchas/ Rachel We seem to have him entering Argentina in Feb 1933, then again with wife in 1938.
Henshe Pikholz with four children Left from London Capetown (dep.) 21 Jul 1932 Gloucester Castle IF1  
Chaim Pickholz wife Malka Bobrka? Tel-Aviv 20 Mar 1933   Eliezer became Etzioni
Adolf Zellermayer wife Berta (two children? - not mentioned in citizenship file) Vienna Tel-Aviv 24 March 1933   Eliezer  
Julius Zellermayer wife and daughter Vienna  ? 3 Dec 1934 Yerushalayim Eliezer  
Mordchaj Pikholz not yet married Bialystok Tel-Aviv 28 Oct 1935 Polonia Chone became Allon
Zygmunt Migden not yet married Budanow? Migdal 26 Jan 1936 Polonia Migden  
Natan Pickholz   Left from London Buenos Aires 11 July 1936 (departure) Asturias Pinchas/Rachel "Norberto" in Argentina
Pinkas Pickholz wife and son came 
in 1936
Stryj New York 15 Jul 1937 Pilsudski Pinchas/ Rachel wife and son on citizen manifest
Egon Riss not yet married Vienna Jerusalem 29 Sep 1938   Riss  
Wolf Pickholz married, but travelling alone Vienna New York 9 Oct 1938 Georgic Orenstein  
Otto Pickholz wife Elise Vienna Buenos Aires 14 Nov 1938 Oceania IF4  
Sarah Aptowitzer husband Benzion Vienna New York 1939 Bremen Orenstein  
Rosa Laufer daughter Edith Vienna New York 23 Feb 1939 Queen Mary Irene US citizen via marriage
Rose Kerdemann husband Charles Vienna San Francisco 3 Nov 1939 Rex Riss I'm not sure when their children came
Ephraim Fischel Pickholz not yet married Essen Tel-Aviv 1939   IF3 Younger brother came separately.  I'm not sure when.
Ephraim Fischel Pickholz wife Chaya Sara Vienna Jerusalem 23 Mar 1939   Buczacz Was Jewish Agency rep in Vienna
Yitzhak Pickholz wife and son. Vienna Tel-Aviv area 1939   IF1 & IF2  
Isak (Irwin)
married, but travelling alone Rishon LeZion New York 17 Apr 1940 Excambion Kaczanowka  
Moses Pickholz wife and son Vienna New York 18 May 1940 Countess de Savoya Pinchas/Rachel