Listings in Red Cross Cards
(not yet connected to other people)

Listed as refugees, no further information

Chaim Pikholc, born 1924 to Izak and Rozalia.  Last location Legnica, Mariacka 17.

Eda Pickholz, born 1923, lived in Krakow 1939.  Last address Budapest.

Berysz Pickholz, born 1904 to Szymon and Roza.  Last location Gliwice, Buzycka 6.

Regina Pickholz, daughter of Szulim.  Last location Lwow, 1947.

Listed by the Red Cross as killed

Hermann Pickholz, born 10 September 1895, Zurawno.  Died Auschwitz, 24 August 1944. May be married to Klara Mandler.

Others listed in Red Cross Cards

Granek Pickholz, b. 1908.  No further information.

Besa Pickholz, born 8 Jan 1890,  No further information.

Estera Pickholz.  No further information.

Mitel Pickholz.  No further information.

Klara Mandler Pickholz, born 1 June 1905 in Stanislawow, married to Herman Pickholz (maybe this or this).  Arolsen record in Stutthof.

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