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Emanuel Meyer (Mordecai Meir) Kraus
born 20 September 1915 in Pittsburgh,
died 9 October 1988 (28 Tishrei 5749) in Scottsdale Arizona
(by his daughter Terry Kraus)

My father, as would be expected, was a gentle, kind and giving man, and
very much a "50's" dad, being the breadwinner in a traditional family. He
was a hard worker and good at his trade in the printing business (he was a
linotype operator.)  At some times, he also had side businesses in the
printing trade and rental property.  He cared very much about his family.
He made friends easily and was an active volunteer all his life, especially
in his retirement years.  My dad always needed a reason to get up in the
morning, and began his volunteer "career" as a young man, active in B'nai
B'rith and he was honored by that organization for his volunteer service..
He bowled on the Beth Israel bowling team in Pgh.  He left military service
after the war to return home to support his parents and sisters.   In the
military, he was in the Air Force and received citations praising his work.
 He went by the nickname "Manny."

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