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We are all in this together, at least that is my basic assumption.  Indeed some have been very active, others have been passive, while still others have been observers from the sidelines.  But since this is a project of and for all the families, I feel that it is not generally appropriate to thank specific family members for gathering and submitting information on their own families.

An exception to that is the "team" Jacob Laor and the late Ephraim Pickholz who have provided (at no small expense to themselves) most of the early data from the archives in Europe and made them available to the project.  Those records which have not yet been identified with families appear on the "archives" page.  (Not to mention their participation in other aspects of the project...)

What is appropriate is to acknowledge those from outside the families who have been of particular assistance.

First, a thank you to JewishGen, the vehicle which brought the initial family researchers together, which served as a magnet for non-family members who happened to know a Pickholz and which gives us many of the tools we need for proper genealogy research.  They also served as the home for this website during the first few months of development.

Thank you to Anita Citron who has photographed most of the Pickhol(t)z graves in Beth David Cemetery, who interviewed a NY area Pickholz for us and who helps me communicate with some of our Spanish speakers.

Thank you to other non-relatives who took photographs in cemeteries:  Lazer Kleit (Montefiore, Philadelphia), Edward Rosenbaum (Cedar Park NJ), Scott Genzer (Mt. Hebron, NY), Renee Steinig (Wellwood, NY), Lora Hull and Mark Halpern (Mt. Sharon, Philadelphia), Kathy Wallach (all over New York City), Ruben Weiser & Rolando Gail (Tablada, Buenos Aires), Militza Machuca Franco (Berazategui, Buenos Aires), Barbara Singer (Hillside LA), Maurine McClellan (Kansas City), Hilary Henkin (Home of Peace LA), Pamela Weisberger (Mt. Zion Maspeth), Joan Parker (Lakeside, Miami), Joel Ballon (various Pittsburgh), Jeremy Frankel (Salem Memorial, San Francisco), Marilyn Sheinberg (Pickford graves in Philadelphia), Adiva Bloch (Johannesburg), Nancy Biederman (Mt Judah NY), Stan Goodman (some of the Haifa graves), Walter Spector (Alliance NJ), Henny Moed Roth (Mission Hills California), Stacey Adger (Youngstown Ohio), Robert Dodell (Beth Israel, Phoeniz), Linda Cantor (Mt Hebron), Allan Jordan (Montefiore NY), Charlie Katz (Mt Zion, Maspeth), Alva Noonan (Houston Military) and Diane Pressman Frankel (Iselin NJ).

Thank you to Carole Feinberg who kept going back for more Federal Census records and thereby set us on the path to several families we had previously not known.

Thank you to Nicole Chucrun and Najman Kahane, who did nearly all of our scanning until I bought a scanner myself..

Thank you to Shuki Ecker who has helped us make progress in the genealogy of Rav Juda Gershon's family and who uncovered the dozens of Pages of Testimony from the 1950's that Yad Vashem overlooked (back in the days before they became computerized).

Very special thanks to my brother-in-law Ron Kritzman who made www.pikholz.org available.

Finally, despite my opening comment about not thanking family members, I would be remiss in not acknowledging the role of  Merissa Mahoy, daughter of my first cousin Karen in Alaska, who at age nine got me to go back and do genealogy after a break of more than fifteen years.

Israel P.