The KWOCZKAs of Zalosce

This is a very rough beginning to what I hope will become a decent website describing the KWOCZKAs of Zalosce.  Your  comments are welcome.

There will be two parts to this website - an the main section and a password-protected section.  The password-protected section will (eventually!) have a full proper family tree, with protection because it will have information on living people.  If you are a family member,  contact me and I will give you a password. 

So far as we know, all the Jewish Kwoczkas are from Zalosce (the Jews called it "Zelozitz") and it is my opinion that this is a particular variation on Kaczka, a name found in a number of East Galician towns, including Skalat.

What prompts this website at this time is my new contact with another Kwoczka branch - one that looks very promising both as a continuing relationship and as a source for information.  That family is in the United States and this website will help us communicate, as well as providing a window for other family members.

Following are links which I hope to develop in the next few weeks.  As you see, some of the links are already functioning at one level or another.