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Birth, 5 February 1889 yes AGAD (Kopicienice) Breine, born to David Gottlieb and Rifka , daughter of Abraham Aron and Breine Riss of Kolaharowka.  We also have a reference to a death record at age fourteen days. See record #6 below, which has marriage of this couple, but the wife's father's name is different.
Birth, 1890 no AGAD (Kopicienice) Jente, born to David Gottlieb and Rifka Riss, of Kolaharowka.  We also have a reference to a death record at age four years.  
Birth, 29 August 1892 yes AGAD (Kopicienice) Rosie, born to David Gottlieb and Rifka , daughter of Abraham Aron and Breine Riss of Kolaharowka.
Note attached which I am told translates as:  It's a revision made in 1909, stating that the mother's maiden name was Pinkholz, not Riss, because she was the illegitimate daughter of Breina Pinkholz, [something illegible] of Abraham Aron and Breina Riss. [Something illegible] Dawid Gottleib.  The parents (I suppose this refers to Abraham and Breina? but it might mean Dawid and Rifka) were legally married on [date: 15 March?]. 
Thanks to Sherill Pociecha for the translation and comments.
Late recording of births, 31 December 1888 (actual births were 1874 and 1876) yes AGAD (Kopicienice) Moses and Debora, born to Breine Pickholz of Nizborg Nowy.  No reference to the father of the children.  Breine's parents are listed as Gabriel and Ryfka Pikholz. See the actual record. See record #9.
Marriage, 27 February 1910 no Vienna Salomon Zehner from Kolomea (b. 1884) marries Rosche Pickholz, from Liczkowice, born 1882, mother Brane Pickholz.  
Marriage, 15 September 1907
Not explicitly stated, but this is clearly a late recoding of an existing marriage
no Vienna Dawid Gottlieb from Kopyczynce born 1861 marries Rifka Pickholz from Liczkowice, born 1862, parents (Gabriel) and Brane. Records #1-3 above are children of this couple, but the wife's father is different.
Marriage, 1916 no Vienna Josef Pickholz born 1878 Liczkowice, son of Brane, marries Freide Beile Gottesman, born 1888.  
Birth, 18 August 1917 no Vienna Egon Pickholz born to Josef and Freide. SURNAME CHANGED TO RISS. This is the couple whose marriage is noted in record #7.
Marriage, 17 March 1907 no Vienna Wolf Tennenbaum from Skalat born 1882 marries Debora Pickholz from Nizborg, born 1874, mother is Rifka Breine Pickholz. This woman is the one born in record #4, but the mother listed here is a combination of the mother and grandmother in the birth record.
Tombstone seen but not photo- graphed Vienna - 
group 8, row 12, grave 38
Joseph Riss 15 July 1938, Abraham Ahron Riss 25 Dec 1933, with mention of death in Auschwitz 1942 of Franziska Riss (must be Josef's wife). IKG says Abraham Ahron was ninety-one years old
There is obviously contradictory information in the above documents,
but it seems to me that the actual family structure is as follows.
(I have not yet recorded it all this way.  I thought I'd get some reactions first.)
(I will venture a guess that her parents were {Itzig}Josef and Rosa)
m. Gabriel RISS
m. Abraham-Aron
Rifka (b. 1862)
m. Dawid Gottlieb
b. 1892
(b. 1874)
m. Wolf Tennenbaum
Josef (1878-1938)
m. Freide Beile Gottesman
Egon (b. 1917)
(with parents, became RISS)
m. Salomon Zehner
I am ignoring entirely the contradictons in locations presented by the documents.
All the towns mentioned are quite close together
and the answer to "where are you from" can change from time to time.
Meantime, in March 2004, I was contacted by the widow of Egon Riss, here is Israel.  Some of what I have here is completely new to her, including the names Rifka Gottlieb and Debora Tennenbaum.  On the other hand, she knew Roshe who lived in California and Moses (aka Moritz) who lived in Bolivia - as well as two other brothers, and some descendants.  She also tell me that the architect Egon Riss, who lived in Scotland, was a cousin, but it isn't clear how.  We are now working together to develop this whole line.  SEE MORE HERE.
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