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It starts out looking pretty straightforward.  Bernard (Berl) Pickholtz and his wife Bluma (Bernstein) lived in Philadelphia, as did their children Olga Mandelkern, Harry Pickholtz, Anna Tersuhow and Fanny Pickholtz (who returned to her maiden name after divorce).  They were born in the 1870's-early 1880's, according to various later testimonies.  In the 1900 census, we have Bernard and Bluma with children Harry, Annie and Fanny.  Olga was married by then.

We have Pennsylvania death certificates for all six of them.  Here is a synopsis. (dk=don't know)
Deceased Year B'place B'year Father Mother Father on gravestone
Bernard 1918 Austria 1837 dk dk Moshe Zvi
Bluma 1923 Austria   Motka 
dk Mordecai HaKohen
Olga 1965 Russia 1874
All four show father as Bernard Pickholtz
dk not named
Harry 1957 Austria 1880 Bluma Bernstein Berisch
Anna 1959 Europe   Bluma Dov Ber
Fannie 1939 Odessa 1884 Sarah Bernstein not named
At this point, it appears a) that the family moved around a bit in Europe and b) Bluma was also known as Sarah.
This is from Bernard's death certificate. 
I think it gives his mother's name as 
"don't Austria" instead of "don't know."
Note:  We know of at least two "other" Bernstein families in Skalat who are kohanim.  I assume they are all connected.

Then things got seriously complicated.  Here is an excerpt from the 1890 passenger list.
Given Name Surname Age
Berisch Pickholtz 49
Blume Bernstein 34
11 mos
Well look at this!
Berisch is married to Sara and Bluma is a different person.  What happened to Sara?
Bluma - who has children - is going by Bernstein, which we thought was her maiden name.  Who is their father.
Hersch (Harry) is Bernstein (not Pickholtz?).
Who is David?  He is not with Bernard and Bluma in the 1900 census.
Also: a) They are all listed as a group as coming from Skalat and  b) Sara and Blume are both listed under "occupation or calling" as "wife," implying a husband (or not?).

Based on Fanny's death certificate which said she was born in Odessa, Steve (Harry's grandson) had a search done of Odessa birth records and found two.  Fanny was born in 1881 (not 1884) and her mother was Sara.  A son Vodolya (often equivalent to Vladimir, William, Zeev, Wolf etc) was born 1883.  His mother is Sara as well and in neither case is their any further identifying information about Sara.  Since Vodolya was not on the boat to the US, we assume he died prior to the voyage but  if so, it was not in Skalat.  The Odessa researcher looked for the other children but didn't find them, so we can assume they were not born in Odessa.

So what do we do with this?  My theory (and the logic behind it) ...

Finally, here is a summary of the names of Bernard and Bluma's grandchildren and some remarks about whom they may be named for - according to my theory above.
Bernard/Bluma's children Grandchildren  Perhaps named for
Olga  - daughter of Bernard and Sara - and Max Mandelkern Abram (died young) Max Mandelkern's father
Maurice (Moshe) Bernard's father Moses Hersch
Clarence (we don't know his Jewish name)  
Harry Pickholtz - son of Bluma Bernstein - and Clara Morris (Mordecai) Bluma Bernstein's father
Sadie (Sarah) Bluma's sister Sara
Cecelia (Shasha Malka)  
Anna  - daughter of Bernard and Sara - and Nathan Tersuhow Sadie (we don't know her Jewish name) Maybe her grandmother Sara
Cecelia (we don't know her Jewish name)  
Dorothy (we don't know her Jewish name)  
Child who died in fire - name unknown  
Irving (we don't know his Jewish name)  

THERE IS NO WAY I AM GOING TO PUT ANY OF THIS INTO OUR DATABASE, WITHOUT MORE EVIDENCE.  (Perhaps the Skalat birth record of one of Bluma's sons will list Uncle Berisch Pikholz as a witness.)