Buried in Kefar Etzion
Alter Paltiel & 
Shimon &
Aharon Shelomo & Daube
Jacob Harry
Here lies buried
My dear husband, our dear father, grandfather and brother

ben R' Yaakov Zvi and Scheindel

A  pure, honest and God-fearing man
L et his Creator hear his voice
T orah, integrity and Zion - he bequeathed to his children
R elentlessly pursued justice all his life
A ll his family mourn his passing
R emembered fondly by his three generations
O ur eyes well with tears, our head has fallen
N ame intact and in full vigor

Born in London 4 Kislev 5684
Made aliyah 14 Av 5729
Died in Jerusalem 8 Shevat 5765

TNZB"H (May his soul be bound in life)