Buried in Nahalat Yitzhak Cemetery, serving Greater Tel-Aviv
Here lies buried
ben Harav Hatzaddik Meshullam Feivish from Poltischen
Descendant of the most holy
Rabbi Pinchas of Korets, Rabbi Nahum of Chernobyl,
Rabbi Levi Yitzhak of Berditchev,
Rabbi Avraham David of Buczacz who wrote "Daat Kedoshim,"
the great Rabbi Meir of Przmesyl and other gedolim and kedoshim
(may their credits protect us and all the House of Israel).
Extremely wise and learned in Torah and Hassidism
On his tongue is a Torah of steadfast love
Of pleasant nature, loves his fellows and brings them to Torah.
Among the heads of the community of Iasi and one of its leaders.
Established and ran Yeshivat "Beit Aharon."
Did much for charity and kindness, with dedication and vigor.
An active leader of "Ezrat Torah" in the Holy Land.

Departed with his good name
On 29 Tishrei 5732
TNZB"H (May his soul be bound in life)

Husband of Raisa Wahrman
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