SEFER YUHASIN (Pedigree Chart)
R' Yaakov Yitzhak WAHRMAN
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Note that in several cases (maybe more), he clearly uses "grandson" to mean "descendant."

R' Pinchas
R' Nahum (Chernobyl)
R'Aryeh Leib
(Voloczysk) 3
R'Meir "HaGadol" 5
m. R'Shemuel
m. R'Avraham (Karshov) 8
R'Chaim (Krasni)
R'Levi Yitzhak (Berdichev)
R'Yosef Yoske (Voloczysk /
av bet din Iasi)
R'Meshullam Feivish HELLER HaLevi 4 (Zbarazh)
R'Aryeh Leib "HaGadol"
R'Aharon (Kolobolet)
m. R'Aryeh Leibish (Bendery) 9
R'Israel 7
R'Avraham David 1 (Buczacz)
Scheindel Leah
R'Shimshon (Ozerna)
R'Eliyahu Pinchas
R'Yeshaya Leib 10
R'Matityahu Yehezkeel
Idel Sarah Rechel2
R'Yosef Yoske (Laskowce)
R'David Shemuel 7
R'Pinchas (Nigrach)
R'Yaakov Yitzhak (Zbarazh / Iasi)
R' Levi Yitzhak (Nigrach)
Chaya Sarah
R'Meshullam Feivish
R'Yaakov Yitzhak WAHRMAN
(Iasi / Tel-Aviv)
who presented this information in the introduction his 1959 edition of Daat Kedoshim
His second wife and mother of his two younger children is Raizel Miriam Pickholz,
daughter of Avraham Pickholz and Yehudit Teichman of Rozdol.  (See comment 7 below.)
You are invited to visit the virtual graves of R' Wahrman and his wife in Nahalat Yitzhak, Tel-Aviv.
Special thanks to Mrs. Ruth Sternberg, daughter of R' Yaakov Yitzhak Wahrman
for permission to present this chart here.
R' Avraham David (author of the original Daat Kedoshim) is the son-in-law of the Gaon R' Zvi Hersch Kera who wrote Neta Sha'ashuim, grandson of the Maharsha and the Rema.
Idel Sarah Rechel married R' Yosef Yehoshua (nephew of the Ohev Zedeck from Apta).
According to the Admor of Kopicienice, the name of R' Yosef Yehoshua's father was R' Kalman and he was killed venerating G-d's name while redeeming captives.  He was a grandson (descendant) of the Rebbe R' Herschel of Krakow, Maharam Padua, Maharam of Lublin, R' Shaul Wohl back to King David.  On his (R' Yosef Yehoshua's?) mother's side, he is a grandson of the "Holy Seer of Lublin", R' Yaakov Yitzhak of Lublin.
R' Aryeh Leib is the grandson of the Shela (Shenei Luhot HaBerit) and R' Yehudah HaHasid
R' Meshullam Feivish HELLER is a grandson of the Tosefot Yomtov, grandson of the great gaon and tzaddik R' Meir HaLevi of Radschen the son-in-law of the Yedei Moshe on Midrash Rabba, who is the son of the son of the Rashal, grandson of Rashi, Hillel the Elder, R' Yochanan HaSandlar back to King David.
R' Meir "HaGadol" is a friend and colleague of the Baal Shem Tov. (The original contains other non-genealogy comments.)
The wife of R' Meir'l is Shlomzi (Shlomzion?)the daughter of R' Zvi of Podhajce, the son of Tosefot Shabbat, grandson of the Rema and the Bakh (Bayit Hadash)
The wife of R' David Shemuel is the daughter of R' Lieber of Kadani, grandson of R' Lieber "HaGadol" of Berdichev and of R' Shimshon of Ostropol.  R' Lieber of Kadani is the son-in-law of R' Israel of Pikov, son of R' Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev.
What is of additional interest here is that the author's father-in-law, Avraham Pickholz of Rozdol, had a brother David Shemuel and their father was Pinchas.  (Avraham also had a first cousin named David Shemuel.)  The incidence of the names David Shemuel and Pinchas in the families of both the author's mother and his wife may be coincidence, but it warrants note.
R' Avraham is the son of R' Zvi Hersch, Rosh Yeshiva of Karshov
R' Aryeh Leibish is the brother of R' Moshe of Savran
R' Yeshaya Leib's wife is the daughter of R' Aryeh Leibish of Voloczysk
Thanks to Allen Bergman for bringing this source to my attention.
Edited by Israel Pickholtz
Tammuz 5760, July 2000