Frontspiece  from his second book.
Foreword - first page (second column)
...and since I called my first book "Mahaneh Yehudah" using my first name and my late mother's name, as I explained in the foreword there, I decided to finish my name and use my second name for this book, as well as hinting at my late father's name.  For the last letters of Hiddushei HaGershuni [two yods] are the initials of my father's names Israel Yoel, who died the sixth day of Teveth 5643 [1883] ...
His father's name and date of death.
Foreword - second page
And he [Israel Yoel] was the son of my grandfather the rabbi ... M"H Pinehas zt"l of Rozdol, about whom it was said by ...M"H Yehudah Zvi zlh"h [Eichenstein] abd'k Rozdol who wrote "Daat Kedoshim"... in his eulogy [of R' Pinehas] that we must truly mourn a man who brought his full existence to his prayers ...
His grandfather Pinehas is called "from Rozdol" as is Rav Juda Gershon himself, yet he never uses this identification for his father.
R' Pinehas was eulogized by Rav Yehudah Zvi ab"d Rozdol.  This would be R' Eichenstein who had the first Hassidic court in Rozdol.  He died 1847, which sets a limit on when R' Pinehas died.  We do not know specifically that R' Pinhas went by Pikholz - or even by any surname at all.  My own suspicion is that the name Pikholz came via his wife.
Foreword - second page 
... and to this work I have added an appendix which I call "Evel Kaved" consisting of two eulogies of two great Jews of our generation.  One is a blood relative (my late father's second cousin) the rav ... M"H Eliyahu z"l abd"k Drohobycz who died in 5644.  The second is my teacher and grandfather-in-law the rav ... M"H Yehudah Zvi zlh"h abd"k Skole, who died in the year 5647 ...
Rav Juda Gershon's father was a second cousin of Rav Eliyahu Horoshowski, ab"d Drohobycz, who died in late 1883.  It is not clear how they were second cousins.  The only ancestor we have for Rav JG's father is HIS father R' Pinehas.  We know Rav Eliyahu's father and paternal grandfathers' names, but not his other three grandparents'.
We also have a reference to the death year of R' Yehudah Zvi Steg, Rav Juda Gershon's beloved grandfather-in-law.
Foreword -  second page (second column)
... and now as I think of the death of my older [or eldest - lit. "big"] daughter who unfortunately died at a tender age, a kasher and important woman Mrs. Esther Pinia (may she rest in peace) who died in the year 5649, the twenty-first day of Iyyar TNZB"H and had no children who can carry her name.  And as we are still in her first year [of mourning] ...
Rav Juda Gershon cites the death of his "big daughter" Esther Pinia several months earlier.  He calls her "isha" and "marat" and says that she had no children, so it sounds like she was an adult and married, but there is no specific reference to her being married or to her age.
In fact he says "tender years."  From birth records we see that she was married to Nechemya Gottlieb and had a stillborn son in Rozdol in 1888.

The only record for a child  for Rav Juda Gershon in Rozdol is a daughter, Shifra Mindel, who was born in 1863 and died as an infant.  When he calls Esther Pinia his "big daughter," I assume this to exclude Shifra Mindel entirely and that "big" is in comparison to Rivka.  We don't know when these daughters were born, but since they do not seem to show up in Rozdol records, we may guess that they were both born after Rav JG moved to his position in Lysiec, in 1870. 

Foreword -  second page (second column)
...and since everyone called her {Esther Pinia] by her first name Esther, I have therefore entitled the appendix "Mazevet Even" for the initials [of "even"] are "the soul of my daughter Esther"  and I hope that will benefit her soul and perpetuate her memory...
His daughter Esther Pinia went just by "Esther."  He dedicated a chapter of the book to her memory.
Foreword -  second page (second column)
And this has gone on and my book has remained at the printers until finally this year 5651.  "Blessed is the Lord forever, amen ve'amen."
Printing of the book dragged on until 5651 (late 1890 or 1891).
Dedication (following foreword)
And I will give credit to my learned, honorable and kind brother-in-law M"H Shimshon Tanne (nero yair) and his wife, the daughter of my late brother and father-in-law, ...  Perl, and all their children... who helped me with printing expenses ...
And also my honorable young brother-in-law, the son of my late brother and father-in-law, ... M"H Avraham Abeli Pickholz (nero yair) who helped me with printing expenses...
This is his only citation of these two siblings of his wife.  We know nothing about the family of Avraham Abeli, but we assume he is the person who shows up as Abba Pickholz in the Kollel Galicia records for Zurawno. 
We do know something about the Tanne family, including that their daughter Yocheved married her first cousin Baruch, the son of Yitzhak David the shohet of Zurawno.
Erev Rosh Hodesh Nisan 5647 [1887]
... who served in the rabbinate about forty years, M"H Yehudah Zvi ben Rav M' Yosef zllh"h tnzb"h
The full name of his grandfather-in-law and the approximate date of his death.
Last lines of the book, at the conclusion of his eulogy of his beloved teacher and grandfather-in-law
And all ... children of my brother and father-in-law M"H R' M____ z"l, grandchildren of my grandfather-in-law the rav, the gaon, the righteous zlh"h avd"k Skole, all of them agree with with what I have said.
The "agreement" here is to what he said about the grandfather.  This eulogy contains an extensive and complex genealogy of the Stegs, which I shall not reproduce here.
His brother and father-in-law's is name is not mentioned in any of these writings, but here we see it begins with an "M."  Wunder thinks it is Meshullam, since his mother had a brother Meshullam, but we now know that this brother had a son Meshullam, so that could not have been his own name.  Later in our research we found records indicating that his name was Moshe and his wife Sarah.
Mahaneh Yehudah (1880) Mahaneh Yehudah, Part two (1903)
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