Frontspiece of Mahaneh Yehudah, Part Two, published in Kolomyya in 1903.  This is the last of the three books.
... Yehudah Gershon of Rozdol, avd"k of Lysiec, near Stanislawow ... descended from the Great Eagle the undisputed gaon the Hacham Zvi ztlh"h.
He has been in Lysiec for thirty-three years, but continues to refer to himself as "from Rozdol." 
His most important genealogical claim is the Hacham Zvi Ashkenazy, on his mother's side.
Foreword - second page
... my name and the name of my parents, which is Yehudah Gershon ben Israel Yoel [and] ben Jutte Chana, TNZB"H, and may their souls intervene on my behalf that I may finish publishing this entire book quickly ... And both of them were of holy descent, as I wrote in previous books ...
Further mention of his parents' names together.
Article 19
The second day of the week of Shofetim 5653 [summer 1893]
Shalom and best wishes to my honored and beloved nephew ... M"H Yosef (nero yair)
This could be either "my brother's son" (as Wunder takes it to be) or "my sister's son."  I would assume that were it his daughter's son, he would have wriitten his last name and I am guessing that this was Wunder's assumption as well.)
Article 38
On the right:  Shalom to my honored beloved student, my sister's son ...  M"H Meir Engel (nero yair) of Komarno.

On the left:  ... and also the great...rabbi M"H Meshullam Horowitz (nero yair) avb"k Stanislawow said that they are kosher, so you needn't worry because a senior rabbi has agreed with your uncle...

His sister's son was R' Meir Engel of Komarno.  The Engels are mentioned in the previous volume.
Article 62
Shalom and best wishes to the honored and beloved grandson of my late brother and father-in-law ... M"H Yosef (nero yair) of Rohatyn.
One of his wife's siblings had a son Yosef living in Rohatyn.  We have no idea if this is a the son of his wife's sister or brother nor whether he went by Pickholz.  We have no related Yosef from Rohatyn.
The name Yosef appears also as a son of Yeroham Fischel (though not mentioned in these works).  Yosef was the name of the father of R' Yehudah Zvi of Skole, hence its common occurence among his descendants.
Addendum, at the back of the book. (This reference is missing from the republication.)
Greetings and best wishes to the honored and beloved son of my late brother and father-in-law ... M"H Yitzhak David (nero yair) shohet u'vodek of Zurawno, grandson of my grandfather-in-law the illustrious av bet din of Skole, ztlh"h.
This is affirmation that his brother and father-in-law had a son Yitzhak David who was the shohet in Zurawno.  The context is a jurisdictional dispute between Yitzhak David and the shohet of Zidachov regarding a town in between. 
We are in contact with great-grandchildren of Yitzhak the shohet of Zurawno, and this confirms that this is the same person. 
Mahaneh Yehudah (1880) Hiddushei HaGershuni (1890)
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