Are there two missing children?
If so, where are they?

Sussman (Zusia) ben David-Samuel Pickholz of Rozdol (Pinchas/Rachel family) married Beile Brana Lilienfeld, the daughter of the Rav of Podhajce.  In the memorial book Sefer Podhajce, there is an article about R' Lilienfeld, written by Sussman's son Meir, who was in Israel at the time.  In that article, he writes that Sussman and Beile Brana had - other than himself - a son Dov-Ber.

We have no information whatever about either of these two sons - Meir and Dov-Ber.  We have checked with the standard sources in Israel, to no avail.  Nor have we had success via Podhajce survivors.

There is a Page of Testimony in Yad VaShem for a son Pinchas (b. 1920), submitted by one of the Lilienfelds, so it stands to reason that had Dov-Ber been killed, there would be a Page for him as well.

There are two sons we know of who went to Argentina in the 1930's and we have contact with some of their descendants. One was called Norberto and it crossed my mind that he might have been Dov-Ber, but his descendants - whose knowledge is limited - think he was Nuta.  (He could have been Nuta Dov-Ber, but we have no indication of this other than that transposes well to Norberto.)

Another son was Efraim Marcos and it occurred to me that he might be Meir.  However his family has no knowledge of his being in Israel in the 1950's or any other time.  Besides, we have since photographed his grave and it gives his name as Ephraim Mordecai, so he cannot be Meir.  We also have the index with the birth record for Ephraim Mordecai (1900) which confirms his name.

None of the Argentine descendants have ever heard of Meir or Dov-Ber.

So the questions are what happened to Meir and Dov-Ber and why didn't Meir mention the two brothers in Argentina when he wrote his article.  When further post-1900 birth records are available, we may at least learn if there were indeed these different sons, but even that may take up to fifteen years to learn.

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