unless specifically indicated, surname is Pickholz
I know there are others, but I don't have their addresses.  Please  let me know who else belongs here.
Address Name  Family Documents Doc/Event date Remarks
Nissen and Bassie-Ruchel IRENE ITS (to Belarus) 20 May 1942 Killed with six children in Maly Trostinez
Blime IRENE ITS (to Theresienstadt) Aug 1942 1. Nissen's mother
2. No death record
Passenger list Mar 1923 Daughter Rachel Brandes entered US
Vienna VIII
Josefstaadterstr 51/82
Wolf Leib DORA Passenger list Jun 1923 Family also called Pfeffer
XX, Streffleurg. 13 Reisel   Birth record 19 Oct 1903 Twins Sofie and Katharina died soon after birth.  No idea who Reisel is or who the father is.
Rosa   Passenger list Jul 1911
1. Nearest relative in place of origin:
2. Vienna archives claims there was no such address in 1911.
Friedrich IF4 ITS (to Theresienstadt) 24 Jun 1943  
Wien II., Rudolfstr. 3 Rosa   Vienna death records 19 Aug 1910 This was a child.  The address was temporary and they may have been in Vienna for her medical treatment.  Family lived in Drohobyc or Skole.
Wien 9, Ingenhausg. 4/11 Genia Bernstein & family PINCHAS /RACHEL ITS (transport to east) illegible These two are sisters
Erna Zentner & family PINCHAS /RACHEL ITS (transport to east) 17 Jul 1942
Vienna 2, Novarag 27 Sarah (& Benzion) Aptowitzer ROSA, ELIEZER US visa application 7 Aug 1939