General Overview of the Rozdol Pikholz Families
(including conjecture)
Names and connections marked in green are conjecture.
Names, dates and connections marked in red are unconfirmed but with evidence
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The Skalat Families
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Last update 5 Heshvan 5766, 7 Nov 2005
Israel (wife probably Szeindel, maybe Szeindel-Jente)
Pinchas of Rozla (d. 1825) m. Sara Rivka (d. bef 1841)
Israel Yoel & Jute Chana
Feige & Mordecai Engel Moshe 
& Sara Steg
Dawid Wolf (~1839-1904)
& Rachel ? & Feige Lea Dorf or Friedman
Juda Gershon 
& (niece) Eige 
1842- ~1914
lived in Komarno.

Daughter Szeindel- Jente m. Samuel Haber, son Meir Engel.

Children from both but none living found.

Supposedly ten children, nine of whom are identified with high certainty.  Families include Reiss, Lange-nauer, Roth, Tanne,
and several families with the given name Joseph.
May include Pinchas (Petah Tiqva).
Known descendants from one son. Known descendants from one daughter.
Aron & Chaje 
Of seven children, we know of families for only one.
Another (Yitzhak) may be Brezdo- wice
It appears that Aron was married more than once. 
Dawid Samuel
Gittel Kraut
Hersch b. 1835 & Libe Taub Pinchas b. ~1831 & Rachel Borek
David Samuel  and others Known living descen- dants from five of their seven or eight children.

One daughter heads the only Levi family of the Rozdol Pikholz families.

Izak & Feige 
(There is probably a second couple with the same names,
and that some of the children below are theirs. See why.)
Sara Rivka & Salomon Lerner
Nachman & Hinde Segulim
Hersch Leib & Sara Rosenzweig
Avraham  & Taube Krut
David & Szerka 
One daughter married a son of Nachman and another a son of Hersch Leib.  A third daughter's family is around, but are less than forth- coming.  Her other children we don't know much about. Four known grand- children survived the Holocaust. We know descen- dants of four of his nine children.  Today this family has represen- tatives in Israel, the US, Argentina and South Africa. Known descen- dants from one daughter and one son Children include Scheindel Pesche, Yitzhak,
Samuel, Kalman and  Pinchas,
  Gittel is clearly too young to be the daughter of Pinchas and Sara Rivka, so her parents are probably among the couples to the left. But we have no idea which, so I list her here on the side.
Gittel & Aron Kranter
Sara Rivka & Salomon Mensch
One daughter and children of one son survived the Holocaust.  Family of daughter in Israel.  family of son in Europe and USA.