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also Pickholtz, Pickholz, Pikholtz, Pikholc, Pikgolts
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"...to identify all the Pikholz descendants
and to reconnect all the Pikholz families"
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Gold, David L.  "Your Name: Installment No. 169," 
June 2, 1993, 6.  Discussion of the meaning of the 
Jewish surnames:  Gruenspecht (green woodpecker), 
Specht (woodpecker), and Pickholtz/Pickholz from 
the Yiddish for woodpecker "pikholts".

The above was found in the book Sourcebook for 
Jewish Genealogy and Family Histories, by David S. 
Zubatsky and Irwin M. Berent. 1996 published by 
Avatoynu, Inc. and quoted with their permission.

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  • Trees- a tree of each family and some thoughts on connections
  • Given Names - What our ancestors called their children
  • Pikholz Places - NEW! - A number of places with a mix of Pikholz families
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Who were our mothers
and fathers?- brief biographies by those who knew them
Faces of our ancestors - see if any of these look familiar - and submit your own photos of ancestors born before WWI
Who are we? - as we describe ourselves
TRIPS TO GALICIA - Betty, Ephraim & Israel  Jacob (reports and photos)
Mailings (an archive of mailings to the family during this project, in text files)
 You can help - 1) graves to photo, 2) people to contact, 3) small projects, 4) Records Indexing
So where exactly do we come from? - Maps of East Galicia and the Rozdol area
and an explanation of east and West Galicia
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  Some of my genealogy articles (published)
Some personal stuff    (you are welcome to look) Ancestors Yahrzeits
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