Families who married into Pikholz families in East Galicia
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(Several of the surnames listed are from Podolia.)

The purpose of this page is to identify connected families
specifically from East Galicia.  I hope the new color codings help.
If I have missed anyone, please  let me know.

And to non-Pikholz visitors, if you are related to any of these families,
you are welcome to  drop me a note.  But you might want to check the family links first.

Man by this name married woman Pikholz descendant. We know nothing of possible descendants except maybe first generation and would be very interested to hear anything.  Woman by this name married man Pikholz descendant.  We know nothing further and would appreciate help. We know parts of this family, but have some whom we cannot follow past 1900.  Living descendants probably do not have this surname. We know parts of this family, but have some whom we cannot follow past 1900.  Living descendants may have this surname. We think we know what there is about this family.  Listing is for others who may be looking for this name.
Too complicated to explain here.
In all four of these categories, there may have been descendants before the Holocaust, but may not be anymore.
Akselrad Jagielmea  
Altstadter Zbarazh  
Apfeldorf Medenice  
Apfelschnit Drohobycz IF1,IF2
Aszkenazy Skalat? Laor
Auerbach Skalat Rosa
Aufrichtig Rozdol IF1
Balin Skalat Laor
Barasch Zbarazh  
Berlin Zbarazh? Laor
Berger Stryj? Dina
Berman Chmielisko  
Berman Husiatyn Irene
Bernstein (Kohanim) Skalat Rosa
Bernstein (Kohanim) Skalat  
Bernstein Przemsyl Pinchas/Rachel
Bierer Zurawno RavJG
Birnboim ? Israel
Blum Brezdowitz Brezdowitz
Bomza Skalat Laor
Borek Rozdol Pinchas/Rachel
Brandes Stanislawow? RavJG
Brandes Tarnopol? Irene
Brum Tarnopol  
Brumer Tarnopol Eliezer
Brunn Zalosce/Podkamen Pittsburgh
Cackes Tarnopol Eliezer
Chusyd Skalat  
Damm Stryj? RavJG
Dlugacz Skalat Laor
Dorf Rozdol RavJG
Dreier Rozdol IF1
Dukatenzeiler Boryslaw RavJG
Eigler Stryj Dina
Engel Komarno RavJG
Epstein Grimaylow Laor
Epstein Komarno IF4,IF1
Epstein Skalat Laor
Ertel Turka Pinchas/Rachel
Fainstain Tarnoruda Laor
Feldman Zbarazh Laor
Fenster Strzeilska Nowe IF1
Feuerstein Skalat Eliezer
Figur Kosivka Laor
Finderovic   Eliezer
Finkelstein Tarnopol  Eliezer
Fischbach Jagielnica Laor
Fischer Komarno Dina
Frankel Skalat Pittsburgh
Frankel Skalat Eliezer
Friedler Stryj Dina
Fuchs (Leviim) Rozdol Pinchas/Rachel
Gajer Stryj IF2
Gelb Komarno IF4
Ginsberg Skalat Irene
Glisner Skalat Eliezer
Gluck(s)man Boryslaw? RavJG
Goldring Skalat Eliezer
Goldshlag Rozdo Pinchas/Rachel
Gottesman Borshchov Rosa
Gottlieb Kopicienice  
Grunberg Skalat Irene
Grunfeld Kopicienice Eliezer
Greif   Eliezer
Gruberg Grimaylow Kaczanowka
Grunwald Mikolayev RavJG
Haber Rozdol,Mikolayev RavJG
Hadar Rohatyn IF1, IF2
Hafner Mielnica  
Haftel Bolechow RavJG
Halperin Rozdol IF2
Halpern Skole RavJG
Hausman Truchanow  
Helfgott Synowodsko RavJG
Heller Stryj Dina
Heller Tarnopol Laor
Hirschhorn Grimaylow Israel
Hirszhorn Skalat  
Hirschhorn Zbarazh Laor
Hochbaum Grimaylow Grimaylow
Holzer Stryj  
Horowitz Brezdowitz IF4
Jorysz Podwolczyska  
Jozefsberg Rudki  
Kaczor Skalat Rosa?
Karmin Skalat  
Kaufman Podhajce IF1
Kawa Szczerzec IF4
Kazwiner Lysiec RavJG
Kerner Stryj/Boryslaw Dina
Kiwetz Skalat Eliezer
Klinger Provozna Kaczanowka
Knepel Boryslaw RavJG
Koch Stryj Dina
Kornberg Skalat Irene
Kornberg Tarnopol IF3
Kostman Rozdol IF3
Kostman Stryj Dina
Kranter Rozdol? Mensch
Kreek Kolomyya Eliezer
Krut Rozdol? IF3
Kuperschmidt Skalat  
Kupferszmid Skalat  
Kwaler Skalat (also Qualer)
Kwoczka Zalosce Pittsburgh
Langenauer   RavJG
Laufer Lachowice  
Laufer Skole RavJG
Landau Tarnopol Eliezer
Leiter Davlov Buczacz
Leiter Stryj? IF2, IF1
Lerner (Kohanim) Rozdol IF2
Lerikstein Rozdol IF4
Lew Lwow? Mensch
Lewinter Skalat  
Lewiter Skalat Welwele
Liebergal Skalat Laor
Liebster Skalat  
Lilienfeld Podhajce Pinchas/Rachel
Linczyc Skalat  
Linden Zbarazh Laor
Luftschein Skole RavJG
Mandel Stryj  
Marder Skalat  
Margolis Skalat Eliezer
Mayer Skole RavJG
Mencz Galina Mensch
Messing Skalat Laor
Migden Tarnopol  
Miller Rozdol IF1
Mosels Grimaylow Grimaylow
Muhlrad Skalat Laor
Nagler Skalat?? Irene
Narpen Buczacz Buczacz
Nestel Rozdol/Stryj Petah-Tiqva
Neubauer Stryj Pinchas/Rachel
Neudorfer Komarno RavJG
Neuman Zydachow  
Noidel Creszanow  
Orenstein Skalat Rosa Eliezer
Pfeffer Kopicienice Dora
Perl Skalat Eliezer
Perlmutter   Laor
Pohorille (Paryles...) Skalat? Laor
Ratzenstein Skalat Laor
Rechel Klimkowce Laor
Rechister Brazlav KCMO
Redner Skalat Irene
Reiss Skole RavJG
Richter Stanislawow area RavJG
Riss Nizborg Nowy? Rosa
Rosenblatt Kopicienice  
Rosenblatt Skalat Laor
Rosenstrauch Skalat Kopel
Rosenzweig Stryj IF1
Roth Stryj RavJG
Rowinsky Lipovets  
Salcberg Lwow? Mensch
Sauerberg Rozdol RavJG
Schaffrnek Tarnopol Eliezer
Scharf Zbarazh Irene
Scheiner Stryj Dina
Schreiber Turka RavJG
Schutzman Budanow  
Schwager Skalat  
Schwarz Grimaylow Grimaylow
Schwebel Czortkow Kaczanowka
Segal Skalat Laor
Segulim Rozdol IF2
Seif Stryj Petah-Tiqva
Silber Stryj IF2
Spiegelglas Skalat/Tarnopol  
Stryks Lwow? IF4
Stern Skalat Laor
Streicher Skalat Laor
Swiwe Skalat? Laor
Szacberg Skalat Rosa Eliezer
Thalenberg Boryslaw RavJG
Tischenkel Skole RavJG
Tunis Loszniow  
Unger Zborow  
Wachsel Skole  
Waltuch Skalat Dora
Weiss Rozdol? IF2
Wiederkehr Rozdol area IF1
Winkler Prosowa Laor
Zamm Rozdol IF1
Zehler Nizanow Buczacz
Ziegler Bobrka Eliezer